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Compass is a member-led not-for-profit organisation.


Anyone can become a member of Compass. Members convene once a year in our AGM to discuss and vote on the strategic direction of the organisation and the composition of its executive Board. A small number of members, drawn by lot, are on the Compass Council that advises the Board on strategic priorities. Members can also form their own Local Groups, which act autonomously to reproduce Compass’ work at the local level.


Board members are recruited to bring a variety of skills and backgrounds to the organisation. Each appointment is ratified by members at the AGM. The Board meets approximately five times per year. See here for more information on Compass’ current Board members.


The Compass Council is a larger, representative body that advises the Board. It is made up of representatives of partner organisations (including political parties), individual associates, coordinators of local Compass groups, and Compass members appointed by sortition. The Council will meet twice each year, starting in early 2020.  A summary of the most recent meeting of the Council can be found here.


Please see here for our most recent Annual Reports and accounts:

2022 Financial Report
2021 Annual Report
2020 Annual Report
2018 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report
2014-16 Report


Compass – Together for a Good Society Ltd is registered in England with company number 05391145.

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