We fight for a more equal, democratic and sustainable society


Neal Lawson

Neal has been helping to lead Compass since its formation in 2003. He is more focused than ever on how to make big transformative change happen. He works on strategy, relationships, funding and fronting Compass.

Frances Foley

Frances rejoined Compass in May 2020 as Deputy Director. She is currently drawing together the different strands of Compass’ work to make the organisation fitter, sharper and more focused. She draws her energy from the versatile and varied Compass family which is always imagining, building and connecting.

Gabriel Everington

Gabriel joined Compass in early 2021 as Communications Officer. If you have a media request or would like to pitch a blogpost or report, please get in touch at gabriel@compassonline.org.uk. Compass is particularly keen to platform marginalised and under-represented voices.

Samuel Augustine

Samuel joined Compass in August 2021 as Operations Officer. He supports the deputy director with internal operations and the team with the Compass wide strategy. His key focuses are Compass Local Groups and engaging Compass members. If you have interest in getting to know more about local group organising, check out your local group here or please reach out to samuel@compassonline.org.uk.

Lena Swedlow

Lena joined Compass in November 2021 as Campaigns and Projects Officer. She is currently working on powering up Compass’s campaigns for Basic Income Conversation, Progressive Alliance, and Only Stand to Win. If you want to get involved in Basic Income Conversation or Only Stand to Win, please get in touch at lena@compassonline.org.uk, or if you’re interested in Progressive Alliance you can reach out to a local group near you. 


Compass is seeking people to join its Board from Spring 2022. These people will work collaboratively with Compass’ existing Board Members and staff team, in support of our mission to shape a new politics towards a good society and a much more equal, democratic and sustainable future. The deadline for expressions of interest is the 28th March 2022. Please find more details here.

Click here for more information about the members of Compass’ Board.

Other opportunities 

Compass depends for all we do on a large network of individuals and organisations, so we’re always glad to hear from people who’d like to work with us. We also have Local Groups all over the country, who work to reproduce and develop what we do on a local level. Find out more about Local Groups here.

If you have any questions, please get in touch: info@compassonline.org.uk

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