We fight for a more equal, democratic and sustainable society


Compass is a home for those who want to build and be a part of a Good Society; one where equality, sustainability and democracy are not mere aspirations, but a living reality. We are founded on the belief that no single issue, organisation or political party can make a Good Society a reality by themselves so we have to work together to make it happen. Compass is a place where people come together to create the visions, alliances and actions to be the change we wish to see in the world.



  • Create a unique collaborative space for progressive people, ideas and politics where it doesn’t matter which political party, if any, you support
  • Bring together and learn from people who are deciding and doing things in new ways and who are making a good society happen in their organisations and communities
  • Work with political parties and politicians to build support for these new ways of deciding and doing things; getting them to use their influence to grow the good society from the hubs where it’s already bubbling up – this is what we call 45º Change
  • Campaign tirelessly and relentlessly to remake our country’s political and democratic system, to make it fit for our times
  • With thinkers, practitioners and campaigners, prepare the ground for big, transformational ideas that can help shape a genuine 21st-century society, such as deliberative democracy and a universal basic income.
  • Behave in ways that pre-figure what we want a Good Society to look and feel like.

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