People involved in Compass are united by shared values. Values reflect a person’s sense of right and wrong or what “ought” to be. We strive to behave in ways that model what we want a good society to look and feel like.

Here are some of the ways we live by our values.


We have gender quotas for our Management Committee, ensure that every event we organise has disabled access and that we have female representation on every panel. From large donors to individual members, all are treated equally within our democratic structures.


Democracy is not just a means to an end – it helps define and shape our Good Society and who we are. In practical terms this means that Compass members steer the organisation by electing our Management Committee and voting on decisions made at our Annual General Meeting. When big issues arise we put them to our members to decide.


This is a thread that we try to weave through all of our thinking and campaigns as we recognise it as an urgent threat to social justice and wellbeing. Central to our Good Society is making decisions that consider the long term sustainability of our planet.


We believe that no one party or organisation can build a Good Society. We inspire those who share our values to interact in a new and unique space where values are linked to policy and action. Thus, our membership is open to members of all political parties (and none).

We are a home for all those that want to operate within a different kind of politics. One with respect, democracy and open mindedness at its heart. By operating in this way we allow members and supporters to build relationships that are respectful, equal and open. In this way we hope to build a movement that fosters solidarity, kindness and empowerment.