We fight for a more equal, democratic and sustainable society


Our core values are central to our vision for a Good Society. They are also central to how we work and behave.


In a Good Society, everyone is able to fulfil their potential and to pursue a meaningful and rewarding life, unhindered by poverty, discrimination and any other forms of inequality.


A Good Society can only exist and thrive if we look after our climate and our environment, so that the world we leave to our children is one of greater abundance, instead of an impoverished version of the one we inherited.


Democracy is not just a means to an end – it helps define and shape our Good Society and who we are. In a Good Society, democracy is everywhere and open to all, with far less power concentrated in one place.


We believe that no one party or organisation can build a Good Society. In the 21st century, the future is negotiated, not imposed. That’s why our approach is one of bringing people and ideas together.

Read more about how we see the world and our role in it in our Assumptions paper.

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