A New Democracy: Building a New Settlement

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It is now clear that our democracy is in crisis. Trust in politics is at an all-time low and an emerging multi-party reality is struggling to break free from the straitjacket of our two-party system. But things need not be this way. A New Democracy: Building a New Settlement attempts to define what a properly-functioning democracy might look like by offering 120 suggestions for change, ranging from electoral and constitutional reform to media and culture.

The New Settlement is a project from Compass that hopes to address the growing need for a new politics to build a new society. It will help to describe a post neoliberal world and the nature of a deeper democracy, political economy and state that will underpin it, along with the movement and alliances, across party, in civil society and purposeful business, that will shape it and bring it into being.

This is the third and final of a series of publication produced by Compass members around the New Settlement project. Three groups of members have used their experiences and insight to create papers on each of the main pillars of the project. These are based around the good society, a new economy and a new democracy. These papers will underpin the project and set out an enticing vision of the changes we want to see, and how to get there.

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