LIVE UPDATES – General Election 2024

Compass Local Groups have endorsed 41 progressive candidates who support electoral reform and have been working tirelessly over the last few weeks to get them elected. When these candidates become MPs, they will form the core of our caucus in the next parliament who back PR.

Here, we’ll be updating you throughout the night on who has made it over the line, as well as our first reactions to the results. 

Below is our list of endorsed candidates, which we will be filling in as results come in. Scroll down for further updates and commentary from the Compass team. 

Candidate name Constituency Party Result
Lizzi Collinge Morecambe & Lunesdale Labour WIN
Tim Farron Westmorland & Lonsdale Liberal Democrat WIN
James MacCleary Lewes Liberal Democrat WIN
Freddie van Mierlo Henley & Thame Liberal Democrat WIN
Sean Woodcock Banbury Labour WIN
Luke Charters York Outer Labour WIN
Tom Gordon Harrogate & Knaresborough Liberal Democrat WIN
Arnold Warneken Wetherby & Easingwold Green LOSS
Paul Follows Godalming & Ash Liberal Democrat LOSS
Charlie Maynard Witney Liberal Democrat WIN
Olly Glover Didcot & Wantage Liberal Democrat WIN
Mike Martin Tunbridge Wells Liberal Democrat WIN
Helen Whitehead Herne Bay & Sandwich Labour LOSS
James Naish Rushcliffe Labour WIN
John Milne Horsham Liberal Democrat WIN
Rachel Blake Cities of London & Westminster Labour WIN
Joe Powell Kensington & Bayswater Labour WIN
Julia Ewart Suffolk Coastal Liberal Democrat LOSS
Adrian Ramsay Waveney Valley Green WIN
Jess Asato Lowestoft Labour WIN
Roz Savage South Cotswolds Liberal Democrat WIN
Emma Reynolds Wycombe Labour WIN
Sarah Green Chesham & Amersham Liberal Democrat WIN
Dan Norris North East Somerset & Hanham Labour WIN
Laura Kyrke-Smith Aylesbury Labour WIN
Clive Jones Wokingham Liberal Democrat WIN
Ian Roome Devon North Liberal Democrat WIN
Richard Foord Honiton & Sidmouth Liberal Democrat WIN
Beccy Cooper Worthing West Labour WIN
Sian Berry Brighton Pavilion Green WIN
Perran Moon Camborne & Redruth Labour WIN
Andrew George St Ives Liberal Democrat WIN
Ben Maguire North Cornwall Liberal Democrat WIN
Paul Arnott Exmouth & East Exeter Liberal Democrat LOSS
Tim Roca Maccesfield Labour WIN
Lisa Smart Hazel Grove Liberal Democrat WIN
Tom Morrison Cheadle Liberal Democrat WIN
Jayne Kirkham Truro & Falmouth Labour WIN
Callum Miller Bicester & Woodstock Liberal Democrat WIN
Ryan Jude Tatton Labour LOSS
Manuela Perteghella Stratford on Avon Liberal Democrat WIN

UPDATED (follow our Twitter for live updates)

05/07/2024 – 5:36am

Seeing Jeremy Hunt cling on in Godalming despite such a narrow margin is an extremely disappointing result for all those who have worked to further the interest of progressive politics in Surrey over the last few years.

The effort to take Jeremy Hunt’s seat was a genuine grassroots campaign born of progressives’ frustration at being blocked by First Past the Post and forged over years by people who weren’t politicians but became them by working together on a shared platform.

After transforming Waverley Borough Council (from 93% Tory representation to 20%) through patient and focussed alliance building, the group were hovering on the cusp of their biggest win so far: deposing the Chancellor and one of the architects of austerity, Jeremy Hunt.

There were just 900 votes between Paul Follows and Jeremy Hunt. The Green Party alone won 1200 votes and Labour 2,700. This is particularly galling considering the local Green Party went through a democratic process to stand aside a candidate but the Green Party HQ imposed a non-local candidate and scuppered their efforts. If local decision making had been respected, we might have prevented Jeremy Hunt from retaining his seat and elected a cross-party, PR champion in Paul Follows. This once again demonstrates the potential of grassroots organising and the importance of allowing local members to work together for the common good.


05/07/2024 – 04:00am

Some impressive wins for PR champions – we love to see it! Big up James Naish in Nottingham and our incredible local group in Notts, to Simon Opher, a stalwart of the PR movement, Calum Miller, who’ll be a cracking MP for Bicester and Woodstock. After a Progressive Tragedy in 2019, the Lib Dems have turned Hazel Grove orange, as they have in Cheadle, bringing home two PR champs for Greater Manchester. And now the results start rolling in…


05/07/2024 – 03:31am

We’re beginning to see the caucus take shape. We haven’t had any Green wins called yet, and the Reform wins are coming thick and fast. Much to digest, and still much to come!


05/07/2024 – 01:47am

Our first candidate, endorsed by Compass York and North Yorkshire, Tom Gordon, has won his seat in Harrogate and Knaresborough. Fantastic to see one of our local group’s champions of PR become an MP! Here’s to many more as the night goes on.


04/07/2024 – 11:58pm

It’s also looking like we’re on track for the most disproportional election in history, whilst also seeing more MPs who support PR than any other election. This is a huge opportunity for change.


04/07/2024 – 11:41pm

If the exit poll is correct, this election could return a record of nearly 500 progressive MPs – more than ever before and 75% of all representatives in the Commons. This traffic light surge looks set to provide a mandate for real change.

Just as importantly, there are now more MPs than ever who support proportional representation, the radical rewiring of our electoral system that would unlock our democracy. This mandate justifies bold action to get broken Britain working again, as well as making our country fit for the future, tackle the climate crisis head on and restore trust in our democracy.

We also have to take the time to celebrate what Compass and our activists have achieved over the last 43 days, we’ve delivered over 100,000 leaflets, endorsed 41 candidates, had over 170 volunteers and swapped votes for 95+ candidates. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in our campaign.


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