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How work can work for mothers

By Claire Hobson

Friday 16 March 2018

Not everyone is a mother. But taking a mother-centric approach in the workplace has wider benefits for all carers, for the economy and for wider society. Some of us are mothers by accident, some have yearned for their babies for years, and others choose not to have children. But we all...

Mothers against Arms

By Kirsten Bayes

Thursday 15 March 2018

This speech was given at the launch of Mothers for a Progressive Alliance, 18th November 2017. I’d like to share a couple of stories: that of Bibi Mamana, killed by a drone missile strike in Pakistan in 2012; and of Jamila Ali Abdu, a little girl who died this year of hunger and disease in...

Motherhood and a new caring politics

By Mark Boden

Wednesday 14 March 2018

In this talk I am going to argue that placing mothering at the centre of political-economic discourse is central to the advance of progressive politics, the dismantling of the hegemony of neoliberalism within British society and its replacement by what could be seen as the ‘good society’. In...

Mothers united against discrimination

By Christine El Issa

Tuesday 13 March 2018

I joined the Progressive Alliance for Mothers to confront Islamophobia I arrived in the UK 8 years ago from the USA. I am a practising Christian who met and married a British Muslim man after arriving. My white family are staunch Trump supporters. Due to the clash of beliefs I no longer have...

Why mothers need a progressive alliance

By Jane Chelliah

Sunday 11 March 2018

This blogpost is the first in a week-long series exploring the question of the role of mothers in progressive politics. ___ On Mother’s Day we rightly celebrate the role that mothers play in raising children while juggling work whether it is paid or at home. Mothers' work often goes...

What a Good Society for all women would look like

By Jane Chelliah

Thursday 08 March 2018

March 8th, International Women’s Day, can never be a full celebration of all womankind while large swathes of women are part of the ‘left behind’ debate. It is these women who should be put centre stage today because the female talent pool being celebrated is only partly representative of...

How do progressives not just change society but transform it? As the 40-year reign of neo-liberalism stumbles but doesn’t yet tumble, where does hope come from? There are two schools of thought: monopolism and pluralism. A glimpse into the thinking of the monopolists could be seen in Owen...

Our City: Migrants and the Making of Modern Birmingham

By Jon Bloomfield

Thursday 08 February 2018

Race and migration are the most explosive issues in British politics today. In contrast to the tabloid headlines, Our City: Migrants and the Making of Modern Birmingham explores how one of Britain’s major cities has been transformed for the better by its migrant population. Based on original...

Radical Liberalism in the 21st century

By Frances Foley

Tuesday 23 January 2018

This think piece by Chris Bowers and Paul Pettinger makes the case for radical liberalism in today's political context. The authors, both linked to the Liberal Democrats, argue that their party should embrace and advance radical social liberal values, such as seeking the devolution of power as...

New group: Mothers for a Progressive Alliance

By Jane Chelliah

Tuesday 19 December 2017

‘Mothers for a Progressive Alliance' was launched on 18th November, 2017 with the backing of Compass. The group is part of the Progressive Alliance movement. It will put at the forefront mothers as a grouping in society with specific needs worthy of consideration, as opposed to being...

How do we make a Good London?

By Frances Foley

Friday 24 November 2017

Our Good London project sets out a bold vision for a better city. The project brought together citizens from all across London, to discuss, decide and determine the shape of their city. The solutions point to a radically different future for London - one that is more equal, collaborative and...

“Against Meritocracy”: why meritocracy won’t save us

By Jo Littler

Thursday 16 November 2017

The Paradise Papers has exposed the labyrinthine routes through which the wealthy secure trickle-up economics. The super-rich have supersized their wealth by investing 300 billion pounds of UK GDP in offshore tax havens and undermining democracy. This information is leaking out at a time when...

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