What makes a Good Society?

As the economic historian J.K. Galbraith wrote, “there is no chance of the better society, unless the good and achievable society is clearly defined”. 

So, what makes a Good Society? For Compass this question has always been fundamental, and will continue to be as we look to #BuildBackBetter after the coronavirus crisis.

In a new paper, Labour Peer and Professor of Social Policy, Ruth Lister outlines what she thinks are the main building blocks of a Good Society.

From an ethic of care, kindness and openness to ensuring ‘material security as part of a fairer and more equitable distribution of society’s resources’, the paper then goes on to suggest the importance of policies like a universal basic income, a Green New Deal and ending the hostile environment for migrants. 

We hope that the publication will be the basis for more conversations. Let us know what you think and what your Good Society looks like. 

You can download and read the publication here. 


5 thoughts on “What makes a Good Society?

  1. A good society is one where everybody has a reasonable roof over their heads, has enough to eat, feels that they belong, feel loved and can love others, can contribute in a meaningful way to their community, feel safe, can work to earn enough money to live on, or have alternative support where necessary.
    Most importantly this state of affairs has to be nurtured by our leaders and government. Enough of control by people who do not care about members of their community, but instead exploit them for their own individual gain, or that of their confederates.
    This is quite possible, but takes great leadership, where there is a very clear agenda, where people understand how policies affect them directly in a positive way and that they are part of what is happening.

  2. Our present society requires an ever expanding GDP because most of our money is based on loans by private banks; financial crises result if the economy is not expanding. Therefore our money is an active agent influencing the economy which becomes prone to instability.
    A good society requires money which is an inert medium of exchange issued debt free by the bank of England so an expanding GDP is not necessary.

  3. A vegan society.
    This world belongs to animals too. We all want to live and not be used/lived off for our bodies and killed when the pimps decide to snuff us out!

  4. The more equal and good society begins with good Government, as to what that ‘goodness’ is…..the populous will recognise it when they experience it.

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