Management Committee Elections 2016

We’re delighted to invite Compass members to stand for the Compass Management Committee for 2016 – 2018!  Anyone who is a member of Compass by the close of nominations (6pm, 5 Sept 2016) is welcome to stand.


Why serve on the Compass Management Committee (MC)

This is a chance for you as a member to have your say on the organisation’s future. At Compass we are working for a Good Society; one that is much more equal, sustainable and democratic. Serving on our Management Committee is a crucial way of supporting Compass’ work and shaping our direction. We really try to make the MC meetings enjoyable, rewarding and fun.

Compass values diversity and lived experience and we want our Management Committee to reflect the society we live in. We are committed to challenging power and privilege within Compass and in wider politics and society and recognise that organisations, including our own, often perpetuate structures of oppression. We are committed to challenging this and particularly encourage people under-represented in Compass, and in wider politics and campaigning, to nominate themselves. Currently, Black, Asian and minority ethnic people (global majority), young people, LGBTQI+, people with disabilities and people who identify as working class or have done in the past are often the most underrepresented on our Committee.

If you would like to chat about standing for the MC, or are interested and don’t yet feel confident to apply, please get in touch with Jacqui or call 07746 330 422.  


What does the management committee do?

The MC is elected by the Compass membership. The role of the MC is make decisions on behalf of the Compass membership.

There are two main sides to the role: one to ensure the effective governance and running of the organisation (including strategy, operations and financial oversight), the other to provide political guidance. You will not be involved in the day to day running of the organisation, as this is the role of the staff.


The commitment of members of the management committee:

MC members serve for two years and meet 4 to 5 times a year during office hours in central London; we expect that MC members attend all meetings and the AGM, which is usually held on a Saturday. We also expect MC members to contribute in various ways between meetings (mainly by email). Membership of the Committee is voluntary and unpaid but you will never be out of pocket for your participation, for example reasonable travel expenses are reimbursed and we very much welcome members from all parts of the UK. We do understand the limits to how much time people can offer while needing people who are committed to our aims and values, and who are willing and able to share their knowledge, ideas and experience to help Compass change our world.

Please do consider this commitment when you put yourself forward to sit on the MC.


Main responsibilities of the management committee:

  1. Maintain vision, purpose, goals and values
  2. Advise on, and help develop, strategy, political direction and policies
  3. Ensure compliance with governing documents, funders and the law
  4. Ensure accountability (including of staff and Chair) and that there are appropriate processes and structures in place
  5. Ensure proper financial oversight
  6. Support and respect the role of the staff
  7. Hold a broad overview of Compass’ work and projects
  8. Ensure the organisation has the structure and resources to do its work
  9. Help with fundraising where appropriate


The management committee elects the Chair (who acts as main spokesperson), the Chair and Vice-chair of the management committee and the treasurer. These officers form a Finance and General Purposes Committee which meets more frequently and oversees activity in more detail.

Do not feel you need to be an expert in these areas, more important is the willingness to engage, learn and work with the staff, Chair, and other committee members to make sure we are strategic, impactful and accountable as an organisation.


The Management Committee’s composition:

  • The Compass Management Committee is made up of 11 elected members, together with the Chair of Compass Youth. The elected members can co-opt up to four additional members to fill gaps in the diversity and skills of the MC.
  • Eight committee members are UK-wide representatives: at least 3 women and at least 3 men and elected by the entire membership
  • One committee member who lives in Scotland and is elected only by Compass members living in Scotland
  • One member who lives in Wales and is elected only by Compass members living in Wales
  • One member shall be the Parliamentary representative and will be elected by all members. Only MPs who are members of Compass may nominate themselves to stand for this position on the committee.


If you wish to stand, you need to:

Send your nomination to including:


1) Which position you are standing for – you can only stand for one position

2) A formal nomination declaration

3) A campaign statement


A receipt will be issued to confirm your nomination has been received.


1) You can stand for one of the following positions:

  1. UK-wide member
  2. Scotland member
  3. Wales member
  4. Parliamentary member


2) Nominate yourself using this statement:

“I XXXXX XXXXX hereby nominate myself to stand for the Compass Management Committee. I understand that by nominating myself I will be committing myself to stand for a full two-year term, unless otherwise voted by the membership, to working to achieve the aims and objectives of Compass as set out in the constitution. I agree to abide by the rules governing this election and the rules set out in the Compass constitution.” Signed XXXXXXXXX Date XX/XX/XX

Typing your name counts as your signature in this case.


3) Produce a statement no longer than 150 words as to why you’d like to be elected to the committee.

Here’s an example of last year’s statement from our current Management Committee Chair:

Ruth Lister: “Having chaired Compass’ management and financial and general purposes committees this past year, I’m more aware of how much is achieved with so little and therefore the importance of strong support from the MC. I’ve been involved in: thinking about Compass’ relaunch around a good society; our work on social security and poverty in response to Cameron’s appalling Bluewater speech; thinking how better to integrate feminist perspectives into our work (including the politics of time); and fund-raising. In the past I’ve been involved locally in the East Midlands where I live. I believe my background in CPAG and higher education together with my current role as a Labour peer provide useful experience. If re-elected at this critical time for Compass, I would continue to give as much energy as I can because Compass has provided me with a political home and offers the best vehicle for progressive politics today”


Nominations must be received no later than 6pm, 5 September 2016. Failure to comply with these rules will result in your nomination being declined.



Stage in election process            Key date
Open nominations Friday 5 August 2016
Nominations close 6pm, Monday 5 September 2016
Ballot paper sent out Monday 12 September 2016
Voting closes 6pm, Friday 7 October 2016
Results announced Wednesday 12 October 2016
First MC meeting Monday 24 October 2016, 2-5pm in Central London*


* Please note this date if you decide to stand so that you can make sure you can attend the first MC meeting



The election will consist of an all-member STV election in each category (instructions on how to vote will be on the ballot paper):

  • To be eligible to vote in the forthcoming ballots you must be a member of Compass by the close of nominations at 6pm Monday 5th September 2016.
  • Votes will only be accepted by email, or if necessary by post. All votes will be verified and a receipt will be issued. Only one vote will be accepted per eligible member.


  • All votes will be officially verified by a representative from the Electoral Reform Society (ERS)
  • Any Compass member will be allowed access to witness the counting of votes. If you’d like to come to the count please notify the National Organiser before the count
  • The full results will be announced to the Compass membership by email and put on the Compass website

To vote, email: If you cannot vote by email, please send your ballot to: Compass, 11-12 The Oval, London, E2 9DT

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