How do we make a Good London?

Our Good London project sets out a bold vision for a better city. The project brought together citizens from all across London, to discuss, decide and determine the shape of their city. The solutions point to a radically different future for London – one that is more equal, collaborative and people-led.

Read the report here and let us know what you think

Which of the areas in the report particularly grabs you?

What big ideas has the report overlooked?

Where do you see opportunities to make change happen?

Share your thoughts on Good London below. And if you’d like to be involved in taking these ideas forward, do let us know – we’d love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “How do we make a Good London?

  1. None of the ideas mentioned in the transport section will do much to attack the biggest blights — to paraphrase Tony Blair, traffic, traffic and traffic. Mainly cars but also vans, lorries, taxis and aircraft. The functioning of cities smaller than London is impaired when the majority of movements are made by individual motor vehicle, as is their quality of life. Let’s create a programme which will phase them out in favour of collective transport. People choose to live in communities so that they can enjoy the benefits of communal services, but communal transport is one that is being denied to increasingly many people even though its absence is preventing communities — from megacities down to villages — from working for all their people.

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