A Green New Deal can’t be an ambition, it’s a necessity.

The planet needs to be saved, people need well paid jobs in the areas they live, and everyone wants to see their heating bills reduced. A big investment in a green new deal can’t be an ambition but a necessity.

There is strong and growing public support for a just transition with 76% of voters already supportive of net zero. 82% of potential Labour voters believe investing in renewable energy should be a priority.

recent poll found almost 9 in 10 voters (88%) who intend to switch their support from Conservative to Labour candidates in the next general election believe that “green growth” is important for the future of Britain’s economy.

Throughout the next parliament, there will be more economic shocks from financial, climate and health crises. In the past two years alone, extreme weather and rising energy prices have driven UK household food bills up by an average of £605. The havoc wreaked by climate change already costs us 1.1% of our GDP, and is set to increase to 3.5% in less than 30 years.

To ensure stability and a route out of our manifold crises any incoming government must commit the necessary resources to make a just transition feasible. Failing to do so means abandoning any chance of stability.

But we must also change the democratic and political system which forces politicians to trim necessary vital policy demands against the public and national interest. Our first-past-the-post electoral system hands even more power to the already rich and powerful, such as print and social media tycoons, and only represents a few swing voters in a handful of swing seats.

We call on Labour to adopt a strategy to democratise to decarbonise and to build the resources, structures and culture for a Just Transition, helping the Party not just to win more seats but govern successfully for people and the planet.

Read our full paper with Greenpeace, Green New Deal Rising, Friends of the Earth, and more here. 



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