Democratise to Decarbonise: Why our voting system lets our planet burn

Neal Lawson

Compass has just launched this report, joined by a number of organisations and leaders in the fight against climate change in calling for a change to our voting system for the sake of climate. They include: 

  • Friends of the Earth
  • Green New Deal Rising
  • Greenpeace
  • Rapid Transition Alliance

When the planet burns it is clear that democracy is not working. The scale of the climate crises we now face is a consequence of a broken political system – and just changing the Ministers controlling the House of Commons will not fix that.

We need to change our political system – in particular our voting system. Sign our petition now. 

Rebecca Newsom, Head of Politics at Greenpeace UK, said:

“Proportional representation is not only fairer, but it would supercharge people power in the UK: ensuring that every single voice is heard and the issues they care about represented in Parliament. So Greenpeace is proud to support Compass’s call for a just democratic system to help deliver climate justice and empower all of those demanding urgent action to tackle the climate crisis.”

Hannah Martin, co-director of Green New Deal Rising, said: 

“The climate crisis will affect all of us – no matter who we vote for. That’s why we need a political system grounded in consensus-building and cross-party cooperation capable of facing up to the challenges of climate change and delivering a Green New Deal.”

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