Cosmopolitans, communitarians and the new faultline

Frances Foley

Monday, 11 September 2017

In his new thinkpiece, David Edgar explores the growing polarisation between cosmopolitan and communitarian values and perspectives. Both exist within each of us and within our political culture but increasingly, communitarianism and cosmopolitanianism are deemed opposites and even irreconcilable. Is it possible to find a balance between the need for community and the desire for modernity?

You can read Edgar’s piece here.

We’d like to hear your views on the debate below.

– Do you perceive this division as ‘the new faultline’ or has its relevance been overstated?
– How can we create social policy to respond to both cosmopolitan and communitarian concerns?
– How can progressive politics respond to the significance of place and regional identity whilst preserving its internationalism?
– How do your own cosmopolitan and communitarian values interact and what effect does your background, location or political experience have on your attempt to balance the two?

If you’d like to write a reply to David Edgar’s piece, do get in touch – We are particularly interested in responses from women, people of colour and groups normally underrepresented in politics.

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  1. Posted by Sam

    David Edgar’s ‘think piece’ is the opposite of succinct! Wading through laboured point after point, I have no clear idea what the point of writing this article was.
    Corbyn doesn’t need to water down his message to win the next election, especially not to include any form of Blairism.