Compass is a member led organisation and we strive to be an open, transparent and democratic organisation

Our Constitution

Our constitution is the binding agreement within Compass that sets out the framework for how we are governed and enables the members to hold Compass staff and the Management Committee to account.

Our Management Committee

Compass is governed by a Management Committee (MC) that is bi-annually elected by Compass members. The role of the MC is to provide strategic direction for Compass and make decisions on behalf of the membership. In an attempt to promote equality we have a gender quota on our MC. Elections take place in the summer so please do use your vote if you are a Compass member. The MC meets four to five times a year in London. if you want to know more about the MC and the elections, please email Frances.

The Management Committee members for 2014-2016 were: Anshu Srivastava, Miriam Brett, Anna Laycock, Siân Berry, Jeremy Gilbert, Mark Cooke (Treasurer), Russell Elliott (Welsh Rep.), Sue Goss, Neal Lawson (Chair of Compass), Ruth Lister (MC Chair), Clive Lewis MP (Parliamentary Rep.), Willie Sullivan (Scottish Rep.).

Compass AGM

Every year at the Compass AGM, members vote on whether to make amendments to the Compass Constitution. The point of having a constitution is so that members can hold staff and the MC to account as well as being transparent about how we operate.

If you have any questions about the Constitution please contact Frances.

Annual Reports & Accounts

Compass is proud to have an A rating by Who Funds You? and we publish all donations over £5,000.

Here are our most recent finance reports and Annual Reports: