Universal Basic Income: Security for the Future?

Our blog series ‘Universal Basic Income: Security for the Future?’ is a series exploring the idea of universal basic income. We hope this series will help you familiarise with the concept; it’s benefits and possible pitfalls. Our writers include academics, community organisers & welfare rights adviser- all providing a range of perspectives on the idea of universal basic income. A new article will be posted every Friday.

In a recent Compass publication, Howard Reed and Stewart Lansley explores the desirability and feasibility of introducing a universal basic income scheme in the UK, you can read it here. 

For those not familiar with the idea of universal basic income, Jane Lethbridge who has written the first piece in our series provides a definition:

A cash benefit that is: universal – paid to everyone in the population; individual – paid to each adult rather than as a single household payment and; unconditional – paid without means testing or conditions with regard to family or employment status

Check out the pieces in our series ‘Universal Basic Income: Security for the Future?’ here:

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Universal Basic Income and Women’s Liberation Ursula Huws

Coming off the fence on UBI? Ruth Lister

Black women, Gender Equality and Universal Basic Income Tracey Reynolds

A Day in the Life Becca Kirkpatrick

Basic Income: the power of choice

Money is a women’s issue  Barb Jacobson

Basic Income and Institutional Transformation Louise Haagh


7 thoughts on “Universal Basic Income: Security for the Future?

  1. Hi,

    I’ve written a proposal for a variant of UBI that is testable, implementable and politically tenable: docs.google.com/document/d/1Uc_xQpLLEmxY1-6GIFerrzMVAFwgVQz66wdDUjHJi4M

    I would greatly appreciate feedback.

    Thanks & Regards,

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