Post-Brexit alliance event – livestream

We were overwhelmed by the response to our event this evening on Post-Brexit Alliance building in London, which is now completely sold out. For those not based in London or unable to get a ticket, we will be live-streaming the event on the Compass Youtube channel so do watch along live.

You’ll also be able to engage online by commenting on the stream – we’ll be reading some of the comments to the panel when the session opens to the floor. You can also tweet us during the event @compassoffice, #ProgressiveAlliance.

This event will be the first in a series around progressive alliance building – you can read more about our plans, support the project through our crowdfund, or if you are interested in organising an event in your local area, get in touch with
If you aren’t already please consider becoming a member of Compass and supporting our work long-term.

27 thoughts on “Post-Brexit alliance event – livestream

  1. Events in central / northern England?

    Sign up for newsletter – pre-filled cross in box, is this to mean ‘NO’ or an affirmation of ‘YES’..!!

  2. Full PR does NOT require “comprehensive electoral reform”; it is available NOW, in full, in our much maligned FPTP system (which has many merits).

    First Past The Post – Proportional Representation (FPTP-PR)

    We have proportional representation embedded in our existing first past the post electoral system. NOTHING changes bar a trivial parliamentary change bringing full PR:

    Each elected MP arrives at the house of commons not with one vote (to be cast at parliamentary divisions) but with the number of votes s/he received in the election. In addition s/he receives (alongside fellow MPs in the same party) an equal share of the votes cast across the country for all the unelected candidates of that party.
    NO cost; no gerrymandering; clarity to the electorate in (several) party manifestos; endless opportunities for its gentle promotion throughout the current parliament.

    Its implementation requires the equivalent of half an hour (max) with a pencil and paper by our elected representatives at the start of a new parliament. Nothing more. NOTHING ELSE CHANGES. Cost = zero. Gerrymandering potential = zero; room for confusion or misunderstanding by politicians or voters approximately zero.

    It can be implemented at the start of the next parliament (mandate from manifestos);

    Dread the thought – what are elections FOR! – but nonetheless…It can be implemented within the next parliament following a referendum (mandate from manifestos).

    It could even be implemented in the current parliament tomorrow (but no mandate).

    IT’S TRIVIAL; yet seismic.

  3. This has to happen. I thought what’s the way out of this Brexit mess? An alliance of the centre and left preferably with Caroline Lucas for PM. And here you are! please make it happen and quickly. Cometh the hour….

  4. Please post the video for future reference, especially the John Harris speech which was superb.

  5. Voted labour all my life … Except when a tactical vote has been required.. Labour needs to change. I’m in for a progressive centre left alliance , PR , and power sharing .

  6. I was unable to join in with the discussion on Tuesday night as I was not aware of the event until today (Wednesday). I would like further details about your organisation and its aims. I am currently a long-standing member of the Labour Party.

  7. I attended the Post-Brexit Alliance Building meeting on 5 July and thought that I could help to set up a platform where those of us on the left-of-centre can share ideas about how we can make this come about. I have experience of community website development and have created a holding site, with an introduction and preliminary mission statement:

    If you could have a look, please let me know what you think, and whether this might be useful going forward. One idea is to make the site into a sort of wiki, where any interested members can edit content, but the main idea is for it to have a bottom-up organic growth, fuelled by those who share the stated goals.

    Best wishes,
    Chris Brody

  8. George Monbiot’s article calling for a Progressive Alliance is a correct analysis of where we are politically today. But this is a distraction from the post EU referendum vote. There is no rush to talk about a Progressive Alliance, because there will be no early general election – the Tories like power too much to go for an early election which they may lose….
    Our first priority is to work to get the EU decision overturned, which is possible up until the British Government invokes article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. Concentrating now on a ‘progressive alliance’ plays right into the hands of those who want a less tolerant society etc. Let’s fight to get the EU decision rejected by parliament. We have perhaps 5 or 6 months to do so before article 50 is invoked. We must focus on this and try hard to stop it. If we are unsuccessful, then is the time to talk about a Progressive Alliance.

  9. I heard Neal Lawson on the radio last week and my ears pricked up.
    Just watched the video from 5th July and would really like to see an event like this in Sheffield. I’m not a member of any political party but I’m going to send the link for this video to my local MP, Louise Haigh (Labour).
    Please come to Sheffield.

  10. Attended George Monbiot’s talk last night and this gives me real hope for our children. I’m IN 🙂

  11. Fully in agreement. The old 2 party politics is dead. A rainbow coalition, a post Brexit alliance, however it’s shaped, is desperately needed. Some glimmer of hope is needed to sustain us all.

  12. An Alliance is the only positive way forward that I can see. So how can we help and support Caroline Lucas et al in making this happen? We have an active group, brought together to fight for Remain and now working to make as good an outcome as we can. All ready to help…..

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