Build Back Better: How? 22nd-31st October 2020


***This event has now passed.  Click the links for video/audio recordings of the sessions***

Drawing on the coalition we helped bring together to demand we Build Back Better earlier this year, from the 22nd – 31st October, Compass will be bringing you Build Back Better: How?  – a week of online events, raising up examples of the Good Society in action across the UK and across the world. We’ll be exploring many different dimensions of BBB and answering the Big Question: but How?

Click the links below for more information and how to register for each session:

22nd October, 6pm-7.15pm – Globalisation: How? with Lisa Nandy MP (Shadow Foreign Secretary), Anthony Barnett (co-founder of OpenDemocracy and author of Out of the Belly of Hell: Covid-19 and the Humanisation of Globalisation), Dr Dena Freeman (LSE and author of Can Globalisation Succeed?) and Neal Lawson (Compass).

27th October, 6pm-7.15pm – Rebalancing our lives, work, time, and care: How? with Anna Coote (New Economics Foundation), Fran Boait (Positive Money), Will Stronge (Autonomy), and Stewart Lansley (author of Universal Basic Income: From Desirability to Feasibility).

28th October, 6pm-7.15pm – Rapid Transition: How? with Andrew Simms (Rapid Transition Alliance), Hirra Khan Adeogun (Possible) and Nicola Round (Adblock Bristol)

29th October, 6pm-7.15pm – Connecting the Community: How? with Sotez Chowdhury (Campaigning Communities Manager at Amnesty International, former Labour Party Head of Community Organising), Darren Rodwell (Leader of Barking and Dagenham Council), and Frances Foley (Compass)

30th October, 12:30pm-1.45pm – Deliberating and doing: How? with Prof Stuart White (expert in democracy and citizenship), Amy McDonnell (Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill), Sarah Allan (Involve – involved in Climate Assembly UK), and Frances Foley (Deputy Director of Compass)

31st October, 2pm – Leading the Way: How? with Jamie Driscoll (Metro Mayor of the North of Tyne Combined Authority), Mandu Reid (Women’s Equality Party), Sue Goss (author and local government expert), Uffe Elbaek (Danish MP and founder of Alternativet), and Jennifer Nadel (Compassion in Politics).



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