Sunak won’t tackle the cost of living crisis. A basic income can.

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The government is cutting benefits. Again.

Sunak announced a promise to cut income tax in 2024. Coming from the party that has overseen the largest tax rises in decades (and lowest corporation tax rates), it’s hard to swallow. A cut in two years also fails to make a dent in the financial hardship people are experiencing now. Moreover, more than 20% of households don’t pay income tax. That’s 42% of adults in the UK that this policy doesn’t help in the future, never mind now when folks are turning down potatoes at a food bank because they can’t pay for the energy to cook them.

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One thought on “Sunak won’t tackle the cost of living crisis. A basic income can.

  1. UBI is a fundamental economic imperative that will introduce a new balancing mechanism, if we are to sustain and intensify our commitment to capitalism. U c, capitalism is dependent on consumer spending, and that spending is dependent on the consumers’ economic health… In the face of technological automation and artificial intelligence, UBI, is the only mechanism that will ensure that our demand side has money to spend on goods and services offered by the a relentless and highly tech enabled supply side. More importantly, UBI will give permission and impetus, for investors to move full steam ahead to embrace tech productivity, because it removes existential demand side economic risk.
    The biggest challenge for UBI is to create new pathways for upward socioeconomic mobility. But, this can be achieved… alhough that response is rooted in our education system… IMO, UBI, demands a radical change to our schooling system, so that it values applied learning (actually improving life for people) over our current learning system that favour “repeat” and traditions…because our economic model for growth is dominated by market duration…
    It is time to dissolve our dependence on “duration”… Instead, we must now create a schooling system that moves the dial from learning to “repeat”, to learning to “understand” and hopefully to learning to “expand”, this means that we begin to reward “change” instead of “repeat”, beginning In our schools. In doing so we must recognize that the underlying currents of “change” must be the continuous improvement in the quality and quantity of life for people…

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