Constitutional reform must be led by people, not politicians

Everybody knows the UK’s political system is broken. Fixing our democracy can only be led by the citizens it exists to serve.

That’s why Compass has joined 17 other organisations in calling on leaders of every party to accept that mending our broken system must be put in the hands of the public, not the politicians.

This isn’t your usual campaign – we’re not asking politicians to solve the problem. Instead we want them to do nothing – at least at first!

Both Labour and the Conservatives have recently backed constitutional commissions, but these will be top-down, led by politicians. The only approach that can bring our democracy into the 21st century will be bottom-up: by the people, for the people.

Before it’s too late, sign our petition to kick start an independent, open, inclusive Citizens’ Convention, free from party political interest, to breathe new life into our democracy.


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