Compass Oxfordshire issues tactical voting recommendations for West Oxfordshire District Council

Cross-party activists have issued recommendations on who voters should back to ensure progressives retain control of a key Oxfordshire council on May 4th.

The 2022 local elections saw the Conservatives lose control of West Oxfordshire District Council after being in charge for 22 years.

The Liberal Democrat, Labour and Green groups subsequently agreed to form a new administration to run the Council, known locally as the ‘West Oxfordshire Alliance’.

This progressive grouping currently holds 53% of the seats on the council (26/49).

A net loss of three seats would result in their loss of control.

There has been no electoral pact among the progressive parties, but Compass says that voters supporting the strongest placed progressive candidate in each ward will help the Alliance to maintain and reinforce its majority.

17 seats (out of 49) on West Oxfordshire District Council  are up for election on May 4th 2023.

The table below sets out Oxfordshire Compass’s recommendations for these 17 wards. 


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