Compass Oxfordshire issues tactical voting recommendations for Cherwell District Council

Cross-party activists in Oxfordshire have issued recommendations on who voters should back to remove the Conservatives from Oxfordshire’s last Conservative-controlled council and replace them with a truly representative progressive administration on May 4th.

The group published their recommendations alongside data that revealed a major democratic deficit at the heart of Cherwell District Council.

Compass research showed that the Conservatives won a majority of the seats (25 out of 48) on the council despite winning a minority share of the popular vote (43%).

Voters in Cherwell have a chance on May 4th to overturn this unrepresentative outcome and bring about a remarkable result – a change of local government in this last remaining Conservative-controlled council.  

Last year, a strong swing to opposition parties cut the Conservative overall majority to just two. 

Only four seats, out of the sixteen up for election in May, need to change hands on May 4th for a progressive cross-party majority to take over along the lines of  the Fair Deal Alliance of Liberal Democrats, Labour and Greens which took control of the County Council in 2021.

There is no coalition deal among the parties, but Compass says that if voters support the strongest placed change candidate in each ward then they can end a situation where one party wins over 50% of seats with 43% of the votes. 

The table below sets out Oxfordshire Compass’s recommendations for 13 of the 16 wards. 

A spokesperson for Compass Oxfordshire said: 

“Oxfordshire is changing. Amongst its local councils, Cherwell is the last outpost of Conservative dominance, but this could be just about to end. The Conservatives have held on to Cherwell council until now, not because they represent the majority there but simply because the voices of voters have been split between other parties.

“We often feel our vote makes no difference. But the people of Cherwell  have the power, and a unique opportunity, to change their local government by voting tactically in the local elections on 4th May.

“The loss of just 4 Conservative seats in this election will be enough for Cherwell to become a non-Conservative led council, run instead by an alliance of progressive parties, like the successful alliances already running Oxfordshire’s other district councils.

“Guidance on precisely how to vote and where in order to deliver progressive government to Cherwell presented below. Voting tactically is our route to change.”


One thought on “Compass Oxfordshire issues tactical voting recommendations for Cherwell District Council

  1. I just voted in Bodicote/Adderbury ward, Cherwell for the LibDem, who again have the strongest campaign here. There were leaflets for Labour & Tory. Labour cannot win here.
    This has been one of many Tory strongholds for a long time & that is probably ending. They made a mess of investments & local developments. If change can happen here, it can happen all over Southern England at least.

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