Compass open letter calls on Labour to ‘democratise to decarbonise’

Compass organised the following open letter urging the Labour leadership to resist backsliding on its commitment to a just transition after the party announced it was rowing back on its pledge to spend £28 billion a year on green jobs and industry.

Join Compass’ call for Labour to democratise to decarbonise and build the resources, structures and culture for a Just Transition.

Investing in a green future can’t be a mere ambition, it has to be a necessity.  We have to do everything possible to reduce carbon emissions but do so in a way that creates a more equal society.  This is the essence of a Just Transition. By training a green army of workers to insulate every house in the country that needs it, we lower emissions, reduce the worrying burden of heating bills and provide good, well-paid jobs to people across the country that need them.

Labour simply cannot be allowed to backslide on the commitment to such a Just Transition. Not just because it’s the right thing to do but the popular thing. 82% of potential Labour voters believe investing in renewable energy should be a priority. 

The pressure to cave into the demands of right-wing politicians and the media is a direct consequence of our first past the post voting system. Proportional representation creates a level playing field for ideas like a just transition to flourish. To decarbonise we must democratise.

Labour has to put climate and equality first – and that means putting democracy first.


Frances Foley

Neal Lawson

Baroness Ruth Lister

Molly Scott Cato

Green New Deal Rising

Clare Short

Baroness Jenny Jones

Tim Farron MP


Carla Denyer

Zack Polanski

Anthony Slaughter

Caroline Lucas MP

John McDonnell MP

Tommy Sheppard MP

George Monbiot

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