Finding Our Voice


Thursday, 26 March 2015

This collection of essays builds on thinking over the last few years – especially thinking in and around Labour and its policy review. The assembled authors share a trust in people to shape the state and see handing control over to people as essential to the redesign of the 21st Century state. It argues that it is the people who must help the people – the state is a vehicle through which that can happen.

As ever we’d love to hear your thoughts and comments as we develop our thinking.

Download Finding our Voice – Making the 21st Century State here.

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  1. Posted by David Wolverson

    A great set of essays but why am I left doubting that if Labour get in we will continue to have the same old directive centralism. Devolving power requires powerful leadership that will take the risks attached with devolution. Do we have any at the top table ready to do this?