A New Settlement

The New Settlement project from Compass looks to address the vision and ideas gap in our politics.

The first report “For a Better Society “ will be published soon, sign up here to get your copy. 


Set within the context of the moral and evidential failure of neoliberalism, the New Settlement seeks to establish the guiding principles and building blocks of a Good Society, one that is much more equal, democratic and sustainable. This enticing and realisable vision of the future has been set out in a framing paper to be published shortly after the General Election.  

The failures of the last few decades are self-evident, but we know that while formal politics claims that little more can be done, there are others in the UK and around the world who are creating the conditions for a Good Society. The solutions to the perma-crises we find ourselves in are already out there.

The New Settlement is a relentlessly positive and hopeful project to find solutions to the challenges we face, to demonstrate what can and must be done.

This is just the start of a vision, ideas, policy and practice journey to chart the contours of a better society.

Over the coming years Compass, working with many others, will look to publish on key themes that can add up to a New Settlement.  Please get in touch if you are interested in working with us. 

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