London: Our Money, our City

City Hall

Our Money, Our City

How can Londoners harness the power of the investment system to improve their city?

London has the riches – in human and financial terms – to tackle the problems it faces. But our city can only thrive when people and money are aligned in facing down those challenges.

Our Money, Our City will bring together Londoners with an interest in improving life in the city to share insights, get educated and begin making taking action by using, amongst other things, the power of the investment system.

With contributions from:

Fiona Twycross, London Assembly Member
Bharat Mehta, Chief Executive of Trust for London
Father William Taylor, City of London Councillor
Emma Howard, Greenpeace Energy Desk
Catherine Howarth, Chief Executive of ShareAction

And others soon to be announced.

Tickets are free, but limited so please RSVP

Almost 9 million of us live in London. As well as being populous, our city is wealthy. Around a quarter of the UK’s GDP is generated here. Despite harbouring such immense human and financial capital, the city faces serious problems: endemic inequality; crippling poverty; lethal air pollution.

The problem: when London’s citizens are locked out of the financial system, these problems persist. Individuals, even 9 million of them, lack the financial clout to find and implement solutions. The city behaves as an absentee landlord, extracting rents with no care for the broader community, and no sense of citizenship.

Finding a solution: when people and money are aligned, solutions might not be so unobtainable. Our Money, Our City aims to empower London’s citizens to take ownership of their investments – be those pension funds, consumer purchases or private investments – and to encourage companies and institutional investors to take a stand on tackling some of London’s most embedded problems.

Today we have a financial sector that is all too often not listening to its ultimate beneficiaries, and not investing in London’s health and future. We want to break down the barriers between citizens and their money, and to unlock the power of the financial system to do good.

Compass and Share Action are bringing together Londoners to discuss what matters to them – with a particular focus on poverty, inequality and air pollution – and how, by harnessing the power of their investments, they would improve life in their city.

WHEN: Tuesday, 4 October 2016 from 18:00 to 20:00
WHERE: City Hall – The Queen’s Walk Committee Rooms 4 and 5, London, SE1 2AA

This event is part of Compass’ ongoing Good London project, supported by the Trust for London. 


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