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Compass Bristol & West Barnstorm: Beat Rees-Mogg and Fight for a Real Democracy

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In 2019, progressive voters came within an inch of defeating the Conservative Party’s Jacob Rees-Mogg. But under our rotten voting system, the progressive vote was divided, and Rees-Mogg managed to sneak back in.

The case for a united front against Rees-Mogg is clear. But that alone isn’t enough. We need to fix our electoral system so that all votes count. Voters should be able to support their first-choice of candidate without risking handing victory to the Conservatives.

That’s why Compass Bristol & West has a two-pronged approach of backing the best-placed progressive candidate in North East Somerset & Hanham who also backs electoral reform.

So, join us at 6:00pm on Wednesday 12th June in Keynsham for Compass Bristol & West’s first ever barnstorm event. We’ll come together, assess this enormous opportunity and plan exactly how to take action over the coming weeks.

A barnstorm is an energetic, action-focused type of political meeting: part rally, part workshop, and part networking. The best way to understand it is to do it. Whether you’re new to this or a seasoned activist, every single contribution will help us in this ambitious project.

RSVP using this page and come along to make history in Keynsham on 12th June. The barnstorm will be run by Compass Bristol & West members in partnership with staff from the Compass Office. Spaces are limited, so please let us know if you can make it. You will receive the full venue details after booking.

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