A Progressive Majority: Building the Power to Win


Join us on 14th December at 5.30pm, for a cross-party panel discussion featuring:

  • Caroline Lucas (Green Party)
  • Layla Moran (Liberal Democrats)
  • Clive Lewis (Labour)
  • Tommy Sheppard (SNP)
  • Jon Cruddas (Labour)

It’s been almost a year since the last General Election. Many of us will remember where we were when the exit poll came in – that sinking feeling, that gloom, that dread.

If we never want to feel that way again, we need to start planning, organising, and collaborating now.

The truth is that a progressive-majority government is not out of reach. But we need alliances in order to break through our outdated electoral system which massively favours the incumbent.

We need alliances to prevent the electoral tragedies which see progressives always losing out.

We need alliances to unite around a common agenda, to win a progressive majority.

We also need alliances to face the challenges that this century brings. The climate crisis, the challenges of a post-Covid world, rising inequality and the disruptions of the ongoing technological revolution.

We need a progressive majority for this deeper purpose: such complexity has to be met by an equally complex political response

Each party has its own strengths – its own rich history, its traditions of thought and action, its heroes and its values. We need the best of every party to have a hope of meeting these current challenges head-on.

This event is open to all.  Click here to register and receive Zoom details.

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