A Progressive Alliance: Building the Power to Win

We believe there is a Progressive Majority in this country, waiting to be brought together and mobilised – not just to win an election but to transform our politics and bring about a good society.

But we need to win over our political parties to collaboration. For that job, we’ll need everyone.

The truth is that a progressive-majority government is not out of reach. But we need alliances in order to break through our outdated electoral system, which massively favours the incumbent.

We need alliances to prevent the electoral tragedies which see progressives always losing out.

We need alliances to unite around a common agenda, to win a progressive majority.

And we need alliances to face the challenges that this century brings. The climate crisis, the challenges of a post-Covid world, rising inequality and the disruptions of the ongoing technological revolution.

We need a Progressive Alliance for this deeper purpose – this complexity has to be met by an equally complex political response.

Each party has its own strengths – its own rich history, its traditions of thought and action, its heroes and its values. We need the best of every party to have a hope of meeting these current challenges head-on.

Get involved:

1. Read our reports We divide. They Conquer: If Labour struggles to win alone, what is to be done? and All You Need to Know About a Progressive Alliance: How we change the political system to change society and share them widely.

2. Read the launch statements for our Compass party groups (Labour | Green | Lib Dem) and join the group which best suits your interests. If you don’t belong to any party, please register your interest here and we’ll be in touch. These groups are powered by Compass members, who will push for alliance-building within and across the progressive parties, coordinate actions with progressive MPs, and help build a common policy platform to win.

3. Get in touch with us about forming a Compass Local Group to build a Progressive Alliance where you are.

4. Check out our guide to forming a Progressive Alliance at a by-election.

And if you haven’t already, join Compass today to support this work going forwards.

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