Trident: Time to move on

TRIDENT: TIME TO MOVE ON – Will you join? 

With the election too close to call, there is a real possibility that May will deliver a centre left government which could open up the way for a truly progressive politics across the UK. Decommissioning Trident nuclear weapons could be a key issue that could still make or break this massive political opportunity.

Compass has launched an ambitious campaign [1] to create the biggest possible call from the public to let politicians of all parties know that decommissioning Trident would be a popular move. Will you sign our petition and join the campaign? 

It is time to move on from nuclear weapons. It’s time to move on from an old world order of nations constantly squaring up to each other, comparing nuclear capabilities. Nuclear weapons don’t defend us or make the world safer – they make us a target and are a daily threat to all of us.

Instead of investing in a deterrent that is old, expensive and dangerous, we should be tackling real security threats like climate destruction and investing in safe, economically advantageous, green jobs that offer a sustainable future for everyone. Let’s take the lead, face the future and transform the nuclear club from within. It’s time to move on. 

The Mercury Music Prize winning Young Fathers say: “The people that want to renew Trident in 2016: Have a good look in the mirror.” Join them and many others by signing our petition, and following us on Facebook and Twitter

Help spread the word by tweeting: Nuclear weapons don’t keep us safe they make us a target. Be part of a UK-wide call to #MoveOnTrident. Sign here

This can be a game-changing general election.

3 thoughts on “Trident: Time to move on

  1. 50 years ago I attended a workshop on Restoration comedy at the Oxford Playhouse.One of Congreve’s more tortuous plot devices was the marriage of a masked bride,which led to some confusion later.Isn’t this a similar move in a political context?

  2. Shameful that when our people are using food banks and sleeping on the streets both major parties want to renew this horrible weapon.

    1. Margaret Beckett is withdrawn from Luke’s bailkclst – of those “reverting to type”. Well done Margaret! I think the govt has already made up its mind. Its now about narrowing the debate, managing the Labour Party, and media spin. The Tories will be trusted to fully support the govt. No doubt those opposing replacement will be labelled “unilateralist” (don’t worry about definitions, it just have scary 1980s connotations!) Funny that though – scrapping Trident simply fulfills committments made under the existing NPT. But don’t breathe a word.

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