Together We Win

Neal Lawson

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

This has to be a General Election fought like no other. If we fight it the old way, the Tories will win a massive victory – not just for themselves and the interests they represent, but for the hardest of Brexits.

We have to fight differently. We have to fight together. We have to fight the Tories and not each other. And we have to make it happen from the grassroots up.

Labour, Greens, Liberal Democrats, the SNP, Plaid, the Women’s Equality Party – people of all progressive parties and none must come together to win. Only a Progressive Alliance can stop the Tories and co-create the new politics.

Next week, with the help of a range of people from across the spectrum of progressive politics, Compass will launch the Progressive Alliance. We have already identified all the seats in which the Tories can be defeated if we work together.
We are contacting people in the all the key constituencies to get them to fight the Tories not each other. We were involved in making it work in Richmond Park, and we can do it again.

If you’d like to get active locally to build a PA, please get in touch with Frances ( Now, we need you to make all of this possible. We need you to put the whole infrastructure in place for a Progressive Alliance to work.

We need £20,000 now to build the website and finalise the branding. Only Compass can build this progressive alliance from the bottom up, working across and between all progressive parties and reaching voters.

If everyone chips in, we can secure it in one day — then we are off!

Please donate whatever you can spare, right now. Everything you give will help the Alliance defeat the Tories. Thank you.

Just remember how you felt on the morning after the last election – May 8th 2015. Will you vow like us to do something right now, so you don’t feel like that again?

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  1. Posted by Martin Childs

    Now we have had the election, I think a discussion is due on where we go from here.

    Both Tim Farron and Jeremy Corbyn rejected a Progressive Alliance straightaway at the start of the campaign.

    Tim has now resigned as Lib Dem leader, but will any replacement be any more amenable to an alliance? And are Lib Dem members of Compass going to question their leadership candidates on this at hustings?

    Labour’s success story could weaken the argument for any alliance, let alone the need for PR, within that party as they will now be convinced that they can win alone. But the point is that they didn’t win and although they gained a few seats in Scotland, they are now clearly in third position there. Which was unclear before. Therefore, maybe the argument that they can’t win alone has, in fact, now been emphasised?

    It seems to me that if there is to be a Progressive Alliance it will be bottom up, ie a matter of local agreements. But I would like the PR Alliance and the Progressive Alliance be one and the same. This connection has been muddled. For example if the best placed candidate to beat a Tory in a constituency is a Labour member that doesn’t support PR he or she should not get any endorsement from other progressive parties, because that person just can’t be considered ‘progressive’ in the 21st century.

    Lets’ have a discussion on all of this please.