The Green Party’s Route to Alliance-based Power

The Green Party occupies a unique space that combines principle and pragmatism in the fight for a just transition.

We must be both bold and humble in securing the power to change our government in order to change our society and save our planet.

This short paper sets out the thoughts of Compass Greens members ahead of the party’s Autumn Conference, to help stimulate debate and discussion.

It sets out eight ways in which Greens should go about building alliances for change.

Read the full paper here.

Compass Greens is a group of Green Party activists which wants to help the Greens achieve much greater political influence in the UK. We formed shortly after the 2019 General Election to host an open conversation about the Green Party’s electoral strategy and its relationships to other progressive parties and movements.

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3 thoughts on “The Green Party’s Route to Alliance-based Power

  1. This sounds like a very possible way forward.

    I am in close agreement with green principles, but up to now have not been well enough to pursue these, most important matters, politically.

    However, this now looks like the beginning of a potentially successful strategy, with which I can now work.

    So please keep me posted !

  2. A sensible first step would be a ‘step aside’ approach with other parties. But what do you say to the inevitable Tory backlash comment that this is vote-rigging?

  3. The Tory Party is just as divided as the opposition but they have the sense, driven by greed, to put power before principles. All good ideas are completely worthless unless we have, as a united front, the power of Government.

    Forget the party dogmas !

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