Talking Democracy

Jack Jeffrey and Josh Dell

It’s been years since the Labour Party has been so focused on constitutional change.

In his Labour leadership campaign, Keir Starmer promised to deliver ‘a radical devolution of powers’. Ahead of the party’s 2021 conference, almost half of constituency parties backed moving to proportional representation for general elections.

But reform still feels like an expendable aspect of Labour’s main programme. This mentality will only change the party recognises that reform is not only a crucial part of any progressive agenda but capable of connecting with voters – particularly those who have recently abandoned it.

This special report ahead of Labour Party Conference shows how constitutional reform can and should be a crucial part of Labour’s platform.

It explores how the party can harness the cry for democratic control that was the Brexit vote. And it sets out how Labour can connect with the electorate using a popular message of democratic change.

Far from being a fringe issue, constitutional reform can speak directly to the disaffection, angst and powerlessness felt across the UK.

This report has been produced as part of the Powering Up Project by Compass and Unlock Democracy. Like others for the project, it is published to add to the the debate and does not necessarily reflect the positions of Compass or Unlock Democracy.

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