Labour’s Last Stand? The centre Left’s long roadmap back to power

Matthew Sowemimo

This paper will look at the composition of the electoral coalitions of each of the main political parties. It will then look at the key dynamics that delivered the Labour Party’s fourth successive defeat, such as the galvanisation of Leave voters, the saliency of immigration as a concern amongst traditional Labour voters, the impact of the Brexit Party and Labour’s loss of economic credibility. 

The paper will also place the 12th December results into a broader historical context. It will discuss the harbingers of Labour’s loss of working class voters in earlier general elections, including the decline of Labour’s vote in English towns. The conclusions will set out the five main reasons why Labour lost the general election in 2019. Lastly, the paper will set out a road map for the centre Left to rebuild its support and become competitive in a future general election.

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