Basic Income Month Full Report

Cleo Goodman

In 2021 we crowdfunded a basic income pilot. We collaborated with SE15 Community Fund, SE16 Community Fund, Brent Solidarity Fund and Newham Solidarity Fund to run this Basic Income Month.

With this report we wanted to:

  • Share insights from people who are currently being let down by our social security system to demonstrate the need for change
  • Use the example of our Basic Income Month project with the London Solidarity Funds to explore how we collect data on basic income through pilots and studies
  • Investigate some innovative ideas for understanding and implementing a basic income

The London Solidarity Funds may not quite have implemented a basic income, but they have put unconditional cash into people’s hands at this difficult point in history. There is an opportunity for the basic income movement to do something similar, whilst continuing to work towards a national basic income for all as the overall goal.

You can read the full report now, or read the short version here.

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