21st Century Political Leader: Job Application Pack

Sue Goss and Ruth Lister

Two of our UK political parties are now looking for new leaders.

But current models of political leadership are dangerously out-of-date. The pressured political environment and media frenzy lead to expectations of a ‘strong charismatic leader with all the answers’ when we know that in times of complex change, personal over-confidence and simplistic certainty are liabilities!

The leaders we need now will have very different qualities and will approach leadership in a more open and inclusive way. Compass has put together a person specification for a 21st century political leader, and offers it to the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats in a spirit of kind and comradely support as they approach their difficult decisions, which will have important consequences for all of us.

We hope also it might encourage a debate about the kind of political leadership now needed in these difficult times.

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