It’s Bloody Complicated: Germany at the Traffic Lights


Join us at 6pm on Tuesday 12th October for the live recording of the next episode of the It’s Bloody Complicated podcast with John Kampfner and Michèle Auga.
The election in Germany has seen progressives surge and conservatives suffer at the polls. For months it looked as if the conservative CDU would hold onto power at the national level, despite early signs of a Green revival.
But late in the day it was the SPD candidate Olaf Scholz who won out, beating the CDU into second place, at a loss of 50 seats – the party’s biggest defeat in decades.
A progressive-led government now looks a near certainty, though the exact composition is up for debate.
One likely outcome – the so-called ‘Traffic Light’ Coalition (red/yellow/green) – would include not just the Greens, but the right-leaning liberal FDP.
What will a new governing arrangement mean for the country and the wider world? Will Olaf Scholz’s late embrace of the climate agenda be born out in practice? What does the rise of smaller parties mean for the priorities of the incoming regime?
And what can we in Britain learn from the progressive electoral successes – and the alliance-building challenges to come?
Join John Kampfner, journalist and author of Why Germans Do It Better: Notes from A Grown-Up Country, and Michèle Auga, head of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in London to discuss these questions and many more – and to learn some lessons from Germany.
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