The Compass office and Compass groups all over the UK run events to bring people together to discuss current issues, create policies and organise for action. Many of our events are recorded and you can listen to them in our Library.

Public event

Basic Income as a vote winner

21 June 2022, 6:00pm

Register here. Some of the most common criticisms of a basic income are that it is too expensive and that […]

Public event

The Big Basic Income Conversation – co hosted with the Young Fabians

1 June 2022, 5.30pm

We launched the Basic Income Conversation Toolkit in March 2021. Since then over 1000 people have downloaded it and Conversations have been happening around the country. Join us on Wednesday 1 June for the biggest Basic Income Conversation yet. Working with the Young Fabians, we are bringing dozens of people together to talk about this big idea.

Public event

The Education We Deserve: Rethinking our system so every child can thrive

19 May 2022, 6pm

Join Compass on Thursday 19th May for the second of two events examining how to create a genuinely fulfilling education system. For […]

Member event

Compass Greens Meeting with Zack Polanski

17 May 2022, 6pm

You are warmly invited to the next Compass Greens meeting where we are delighted to be joined by Zack Polanski. […]

Public event

The Personal Meets the Political: Being the Good Society

12 May 2022, 6pm

Join Compass on Thursday 12th May as we examine the interface between the personal and the political. To create the […]

Live podcast

It’s Bloody Complicated: Local Elections Special with Rob Ford

10 May, 2022

It’s Bloody Complicated brings you a special episode on a fascinating set of elections across the UK. Joining us is […]

Live podcast

It’s Bloody Complicated: The French Election

26 April, 2022

On 24th April France will go to the polls again for the momentous second round of its presidential election, with […]

Live podcast

It’s Bloody Complicated: In Conversation with Helen Thompson

12 April, 2022

Professor Helen Thompson joins It’s Bloody Complicated to talk politics and her new book Disorder: Hard Times in the 21st Century. […]

Public event

“What’s the point of this, Miss?” What’s gone wrong with education and how we can fix it

7 April 2022, 6pm

Join Compass on Thursday 7th April for the first of two events examining how we can create the education system […]

Public event

What role could a basic income play in meeting the Minimum Income Standard?

5 April 2022

Basic Income Conversation’s Research Network Seminar on the interaction between the Minimum Income Standard and Basic Income. […]

Live podcast

It’s Bloody Complicated: US Democrats in Power – What’s Been Won & What’s Next?

22 March, 2022

After a year on the job, having inherited a deeply divided country, Joe Biden and the Democrats are still facing […]

Live podcast

It’s Bloody Complicated: ‘Citizens’ with Jon Alexander and the War in Ukraine

08 March, 2022

On the latest episode of It’s Bloody Complicated we ask: how can we start to think and act like Citizens, […]