Compass Party Group meetings with Layla Moran, Jonathan Bartley and Clive Lewis

Ahead of party conference season, members of Compass’ party groups – Compass Greens, Compass Lib Dems and Compass Labour – will meet again to discuss how progressive parties and people can work together: a new kind of politics for a new and better society.

And we’ll be joined by forward-thinking politicians from all three parties – Lib Dem MP Layla Moran, former Green co-leader Jonathan Bartley and Labour MP Clive Lewis.

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Compass Lib Dems with Layla Moran
Tuesday 31st August at 6pm

Compass Greens with Jonathan Bartley
Tuesday 7th September at 6pm

Compass Labour with Clive Lewis
Thursday 9th September at 6pm

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3 thoughts on “Compass Party Group meetings with Layla Moran, Jonathan Bartley and Clive Lewis

  1. As a Labour member of Compass I hope I can watch the meeting with Clive Lewis on Thursday 9th September. We must agree to work together with the Lib Dems and the Greens or we will all remain “true to our principles” but out in the cold. Our manifesto, however good, will remain for ever just words if we don’t co-operate with others to get the necessary power to implement it. Meanwhile people are really suffering under the present government and democracy is being subverted to ensure their own long-term exclusive hold on power.

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