Work together for a Good Society

Target: Jeremy Corbyn, Jo Swinson, Siân Berry & Jonathan Bartley, Nicola Sturgeon, Adam Price, Mandu Reid, Patrick Harvie & Lorna Slater

We call upon the leaders of all progressive parties to work together as best they can to help build a Good Society.

No single party has the wisdom or the votes to make transformative change happen alone. Only by pooling support and ideas will we build an alliance of people and policies capable of dealing with the unprecedented threats and opportunities our world faces.

We’re asking the progressive parties to:

– Focus their efforts on removing the Tories from government, rather than campaigning against fellow progressives in seats where the regressive alliance of Tories and Brexit Party may win;

– Work cooperatively with other progressive parties and don’t punish party members who put the national interest before narrow party interest;

– In speeches and campaign communications, highlight what their party has in common with others, remembering who the real opponents are. We all want a fair economy, an end to inequality and discrimination, a Green New Deal, and democratic reform;

– After the election, whatever the result, keep on showing that cooperation beats competition. Whether through deals, pacts or just informal agreements – demonstrate what we want to see: a politics of openness, respect and collaboration that puts the national interest before party interest.

Please sign this petition and we will take your message to all progressive party leaders!

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