Railways for people and planet

All On Board is a campaign for everyone who wants to make our railways work better

We live in an amazing country full of wonderful people and incredible places.  It should be everyone’s right to get around it: to travel to and from our home or work, to see the people we love and all the beautiful places we want to explore.

Our railways should be accessible to all, no one should be put off from traveling. Trains and stations should be beautiful, reflecting the special place in our hearts for a public realm in which we feel free to travel as equals.

We need a publicly owned and publicly accountable railway system that puts the needs of people and the the environment first. So let’s make it happen together.

Join us

Next year on May 7th, the General Election will be the crunch time for our railways.  They will  either stay the same – broken and privatised – or they can be transformed to work for all of us and the environment. So join our broad network to ensure we can create a people’s railway for all. Here are four ways you can support the campaign:

  1. Sign our petition and be a part of our broad movement for publicly owned railways (see here)
  2. Ask an organisation or group you are a part of or know of to sign up to our campaign – we want to hit a target of 100 very quickly (see here)
  3. Join the conversation and add your story to why we need public railways (see here) and share our facts about the campaign (see here)
  4. Donate to help support the movement for railways that work for people and the environment (see here)

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