Campaign for a Citizens' Convention

We know our politics is broken and we the people must resolve to fix it.
At the root of this crisis is a democratic system in desperate need of renewal. In times of social and political unrest, we need our democracy to keep pace. But right now it’s in a mess:

  • Nobody knows what the rules are, from Boris Johnson’s illegal prorogation to when an election can be called.
  • Too many safe seats mean that too many voters are ignored.
  • Power is too remote from the people. People want to make change in their lives but often don’t even know who to talk to, or which authority is responsible.

Our democracy needs to be fundamentally updated. Parliament and politicians can’t do this alone, which is why we need a special assembly of the people.
An election is imminent, and when it comes our campaign will stand ready to challenge every candidate to back a simple pledge to transform our democracy: commit to a special assembly of the people in the first 100 days of a new Parliament.
Will you chip in and help us get this campaign off the ground?

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