West London Compass Meetup – Building a Progressive Alliance

Tuesday, 22 November 2016, 7.30pm
Northfield Community Centre 71a Northcroft Road, Ealing, W13 9SS

Meeting/Brainstorm 22 November 2016

Compass West London invites you to a meeting at 7.30pm on Tuesday, 22 November 2016 at the Northfield Community Centre 71a Northcroft Road, Ealing, W13 9SS (5 minutes walk from Northfield Tube Station). The meeting is in Room 1 and a bell for entry is next to the door.

No speakers at this meeting, it is entirely to discuss plans for the group for the next year to 18 months. Compass’s major priority over the coming months is to press for a Progressive Alliance on the left to defeat the Tories at the next election. The Alliance will be built around a one off electoral deal between the left of centre parties to reduce the impact of first past the post in delivering a parliamentary majority to Conservative Party.

The Alliance will be built on a commitment to electoral reform and a platform of other progressive policies to be implemented ahead of an election under the reformed system. I have already agreed to organise a meeting on the Progressive Alliance in SW London with Make Votes Matter, probably in the New Year but sooner, if we can influence developments in the Richmond Park By Election.

Come along, give your ideas and tells us how you can help. I look forward to seeing you.

All the very best,

Stephen Clark

Organiser, West London Compass

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