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Co-operate for Climate: together for a rapid transition

The climate crisis makes many demands upon us, but perhaps the most urgent is co-operation. We know that to transition to a more sustainable way of living, working and being we need to harness all of our political will and involve everyone.

And across the country, politicians at every level are starting to do just that. They’re reaching out across traditional party lines, building the base, creating the consensus and making moves needed to create a zero carbon world.

Compass has been working in partnership with the Rapid Transition Alliance to elevate these efforts and inspire quicker, more meaningful action on the climate.

This event will showcase a range of politicians from different regions, parties and tiers of government telling us what works: how they first focused on what needs to happen and then got to work assembling the powerful coalitions to enact those changes.

We’ll be joined by Jamie Driscoll, Labour Mayor of North of Tyne, Lorna Dupre, Lib Dem Councillor in Cambridgeshire, Clare Weightman, Green Councillor in Surrey and Katie Mansfield, Lib Dem Councillor in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

At the heart of this is the democratic instinct that big change requires big buy-in. Alliances help us reach different people and unite us around shared goals. Whether it’s a citizens’ assembly on climate transition, passiv haus social housing or a full reimagining of transport in a city centre – these moves require vision, determination – and as many allies as possible.

Come find out why alliances are the only route to rapid change.


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