The #BuildBackBetter campaign is a huge coalition of business groups, trade unions, faith leaders and NGOs that have come together to demand we #BuildBackBetter as we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis.

Sign the statement to #BuildBackBetter.

There are times in our lives when we really have to stand up and be counted. Such a time is right now.

The pandemic has reveal the precarity and insecurity of our social system. But it has also shown people at their best – their ingenuity and commitment to making our society better.

But to really make this a turning point for our whole society demands what’s been called ‘extreme collaboration’.

That’s why Compass, leading with a number of other great organisations, has launched a campaign to #BuildBackBetter. We have helped bring together the CBI, the TUC, bishops, rabbis and 350 campaign organisations to demand that we #BuildBackBetter.

Now we need your help to turn the statement into a real movement for change.

Please co-sign the statement and share with your organisations, networks, and friends.

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