Become a member of a democratic political home where values and action matter. We want to be somewhere you feel wanted and respected–a place where you can help build a Good Society.

Members lead Compass through our democratic structures and make us what we are. As a Compass member, you enable us to campaign, organise events, pull together the thinking and take action towards a Good Society whilst remaining accountable to only our members.

Why join Compass?

People join Compass for various reasons - some because they:

  • Are tired of tribal party politics
  • Want to make change in an open, tolerant and values based space
  • Want to go to interesting events, campaign and read thought provoking publications

Want to be challenged and equipped with the arguments on how to build a Good Society

For more stories of why people join Compass, check out this video to hear what our members have to say about us.

If you’re under 31, for no extra charge, you are automatically a member of Compass Youth.

How to Join

1. The best way to join Compass is by Direct Debit. The standard rate is £3 a month and the reduced rate (unwaged/low waged/concession) is £1 per month. If you can give more as a donation please do. Every penny will help build the movement for a good society.

 Just click on the Direct Debit icon below to set it up or click here


2. Send a cheque made out to 'Compass' and post it to

Impact Hub Islington
5 Torrens St
London, EC1V 1NQ


What Compass means to you

By joining Compass you become part of a democratic organisation committed to building a good society. A society where equality, sustainability and democracy are not mere aspirations, but realities.

We are a radically empowering home for all those that want to operate a different kind of politics with respect, democracy and open mindedness at its heart. By operating in this way we allow members and supporters to build relationships that are respectful, equal and open. In this way we hope to build a movement that fosters solidarity, kindness and empowerment.

What you mean to Compass

Your financial support allows us to remain accountable only to our members. You help us build the ideas, alliances and campaigns that fight for a Good Society. But that is only the beginning. We encourage all of our members to live a political life and we provide the platform for all of our members to develop their own political consciousness. Our active and empowered membership is our greatest achievement.