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The Brexit vote was the biggest single democratic revolution the UK has experienced in decades. In hindsight everyone saw it coming, but at the time the news when it trickled through in the early hours after the close of polling was a seismic shock. It still is. That was because the reasons were...

In this piece, Hannah O’Rourke explores the ways in which our online world is shaping our social interaction - and political awareness. She explains how the use of certain tools incentivises forms of communication and exchange which can run counter to our political values. In response, she...

The Common Platform will build a shared vision, programme and set of alliances for a good society; one that is much more equal, sustainable and democratic. Crucially, it will combine emerging new practice in civil society and the social economy with creative ideas and policy thinking to...

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1968 has shaped radical progressive politics perhaps more than any other year. It was a moment when the social movements of women, race and peace, which had been developing throughout the decade, collided with new left thinking and ideas. It was crystalised through mostly student protest on campuses and in cities across the West. As Mark Perryman sets out here, no government fell as a consequence, but space was opened up for a libertarian and non-statist left to flourish. The reverberations of ‘68 continue to ripple through our politics half a century later.

Beyond Monopoly Socialism


By Neal Lawson

This paper was written to help the Labour Party think through its approach to power so it can build relationships with other parties and forces it is bound to require if it is not just to gain office but have and use power for transformative effect. Equally this was written so that Green,...

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This thinkpiece makes the case for radical liberalism in today's political context. Paul Pettinger and Chris Bowers make the case that the Lib Dems should embrace and advance radical social liberal values, such as seeking the devolution of power as well as wealth, and empowering people as...

The old economic order is dying morally and practically. To build a new one we need not just different forms of ownership for more social purpose, but workers with rights underpinned by a new system of social security. Here Ursula Huws makes the case for a new Bill of Workers' Rights and a new...

Good London report


By Catriona Cowie-Fraser and Jacqui Howard

The Good London project addressed how rising inequality and rapid change are excluding too many Londoners from a good life. The project started with a single question: what kind of city do you want to live in? At the heart of Good London was the intention to question how democracy operates in...

Compass annual position paper 2017


By Compass MC

This paper was circulated to Compass members in advance of the AGM in November. It was then debate and passed, along with any accepted amendments at the AGM on Saturday 4th November 2017.

What is the Progressive Alliance?


By Sue Goss

After the vote for Brexit, interest in the idea of a ‘Progressive Alliance’ accelerated. It became The Progressive Alliance during the Richmond Park by-election almost a year ago when some progressive parties and thousands of progressive voters combined to see the defeat of Zac Goldsmith....

This is an extended version of a contribution to a Compass session at The World Transformed at the Labour Party conference in Brighton in September 2017 with Clive Lewis MP, Lisa Nandy MP, Hilary Wainwright and Jeremy Gilbert, on One more heave or hegemony? It forms part of Compass’ thinking...

Compass Annual Report 2016-17


By Frances Foley

Our year 2016/17 in review! Look back over Compass' work over the past few months, as we reflect on our biggest year yet. Includes a report on all our projects, campaigns and our local activities.

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