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mayism and may

In this new publication, Ken Spours examines the strengths and weaknesses of May's Conservatism, and sets out a case for a countervailing progressive alliance.

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In this article Liberal Democrat Paul Pettinger argues that Liberals have long been a part of a historical Progressive alliance, and should continue to be a part of it. A Progressive Alliance is the quickest way to reset our electoral system, whilst preventing a Conservative hegemony.

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The Progressive Alliance: why the SNP needs it


By Anne McLaughlin and Tommy Sheppard

SNP politicians Tommy Sheppard and Anne McLaughlin were elected to Westminster in 2015, part of the political tidal wave in Scotland that saw the SNP return 56 out of 59 MPs. This frank piece shows how the SNP can play a decisive role in shifting politics in the entire UK, whilst standing firm...

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The progressive alliance, or indeed alliances, is based on a series of local and national agreements to cooperate to secure the most progressive outcome at and after the next general election. For this to happen support for such alliances must be built within and across all the progressive...

This is one of two papers which attempt to explore the purpose, structure and culture of the modern political party. Ken Spours draws on Gramsci and Laloux to analyse the party in its 21st Century context.    

In the second of two papers examining the 21st Century Party, Indra Adnan explores how the meeting of the horizontal and vertical necessitates a fundamental shift in the structure, culture and leadership of modern parties.


‘The context for a world without poverty’ is a paper that is part of series for a project that the Webb Memorial Trust (WMT) and Compass conduct together to develop a Theory and Practice of Change for a World Without Poverty. The aim with this project is to look at how poverty can be ended...

We're really delighted to announce that nominations are open for you to stand for the Compass Management Committee for 2016 - 2018 and hope that members will consider putting yourselves forward - you'll get to work with us (what a team!) to help Compass continue doing great work in the coming 2...


Howard Reed and Stewart Lansley discuss the growing demands for a UBI and how it could be introduced in the UK.


Secure & Free

Insecurity has become pervasive. It permeates the lives not just of the marginalised but also the reasonably well off. In/security is not simply the latest political fad restricted to the chattering classes, but resonates with public attitudes. With insecurity such a major problem and so...


Compass has changed a lot over the last two years. We are serious about the need to transform our economy and politics, so we have to take ourselves seriously. From our campaigns and events, to our publications and thinking, we are becoming more strategic and more systemic in what we do. We...

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