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Our City: Migrants and the Making of Modern Birmingham

By Jon Bloomfield

Thursday 08 February 2018

Race and migration are the most explosive issues in British politics today. In contrast to the tabloid headlines, Our City: Migrants and the Making of Modern Birmingham explores how one of Britain’s major cities has been transformed for the better by its migrant population. Based on original...

Radical Liberalism in the 21st century

By Remco van der Stoep

Tuesday 23 January 2018

This think piece by Chris Bowers and Paul Pettinger makes the case for radical liberalism in today's political context. The authors, both linked to the Liberal Democrats, argue that their party should embrace and advance radical social liberal values, such as seeking the devolution of power as...

New group: Mothers for a Progressive Alliance

By Jane Chelliah

Tuesday 19 December 2017

‘Mothers for a Progressive Alliance' was launched on 18th November, 2017 with the backing of Compass. The group is part of the Progressive Alliance movement. It will put at the forefront mothers as a grouping in society with specific needs worthy of consideration, as opposed to being...

How do we make a Good London?

By Frances Foley

Friday 24 November 2017

Our Good London project sets out a bold vision for a better city. The project brought together citizens from all across London, to discuss, decide and determine the shape of their city. The solutions point to a radically different future for London - one that is more equal, collaborative and...

“Against Meritocracy”: why meritocracy won’t save us

By Jo Littler

Thursday 16 November 2017

The Paradise Papers has exposed the labyrinthine routes through which the wealthy secure trickle-up economics. The super-rich have supersized their wealth by investing 300 billion pounds of UK GDP in offshore tax havens and undermining democracy. This information is leaking out at a time when...

What is the Progressive Alliance?

By Neal Lawson

Thursday 02 November 2017

So there we were, some months ago, busy thinking about the progressive alliance and worrying that three years wouldn't be enough to build it, when Theresa May called an election she said she wouldn’t call - and suddenly it was all hands to the pump to help stop a Tory landslide. Which -...

As a liberal democracy in the 21st century, our legal and civic institutions protect us all against discrimination of many kinds. Of course this doesn’t magically banish all discrimination from our society. But it does create a legal framework that expresses a shared conviction –...

PR, PA and patisserie

By Avery Underwood

Friday 29 September 2017

How can progressive parties work better together? How can we change the voting system to make it more proportional? And where can we find a good pastry on a grey Monday morning at Labour Party Conference? On Monday 25th September, we found answers to all the above. Co-hosted by Make Votes...

Why Labour needs alliances to win

By Matthew Sowemimo

Wednesday 27 September 2017

Labour is further from regaining political power than it thinks. The 8th June pattern of electoral support highlights four major weaknesses for the party – the loss of white working class votes; a weak performance in English towns, a dependence on Remain voters and an over-reliance on young...

A progressive Brexit?

By Frances Foley

Tuesday 19 September 2017

Few issues divide progressives as much as Brexit. Jon Bloomfield's new piece tries to find a way through the challenges and possibilities of a progressive Brexit, and its implications for the Left. This is the first in a series of pieces on the subject of our new relationship with the...

Cosmopolitans, communitarians and the new faultline

By Frances Foley

Monday 11 September 2017

In his new thinkpiece, David Edgar explores the growing polarisation between cosmopolitan and communitarian values and perspectives. Both exist within each of us and within our political culture but increasingly, communitarianism and cosmopolitanianism are deemed opposites and even...

Study your political adversary While the Conservatives have driven UK politics for the best part of a decade, the Left has spent precious little time analysing the strategy and condition of the political adversary. Moreover, the Tories are still in power, albeit it weakly and, conversely,...

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