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45˚ Change shows the way

By Jon Edwards

Thursday 26 September 2019

In response to Neal Lawson’s recent 45˚ Change: Transforming Society from Below and Above, Jon Edwards, in Rethinking Poverty, argues that 45˚ change methodology offers a “timely contribution to discussions and debates on which we can all build”.

As Edwards puts it “wherever you...

‘What if Labour Can’t Win Alone?’

By Caroline Lucas

Monday 23 September 2019

Below is Caroline Lucas’ opening remarks at the Compass fringe event – ‘What if Labour can’t win alone?’ - at the 2019 UK Labour Conference in Brighton. 

Thank you – always a pleasure to be part of a Compass panel and the reliably constructive debate that follows. 

I want...

A Progressive Alliance vs A Rebel Alliance

By Mark Perryman

Tuesday 17 September 2019

Mark Perryman (editor of Corbynism From Below) argues that it’s a bottom up campaign that the opposition need to win.

We can argue the case for and against tactical voting 'til the cows come home and vote. It happens, mainly of its own will, but as the central objective of oppositional...

Let’s transform our dying democratic system, now.

By Neal Lawson

Thursday 05 September 2019

We have woken up to the UK’s biggest democratic and political crisis of modern times. Our Government is not serving our Parliament. Our democracy is not serving us, the people.

Yes, of course this has something to do with Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings, but they are distractions...

Compass’ assumptions: discussion

By Compass

Tuesday 20 August 2019

As progressives, our mission is to create a path out of our deep political and democratic crisis, built with meaningful hope.

However, our progressive movement keeps failing to build from firm enough foundations, opting instead for shortcuts, so we end up addressing the symptoms and not the...

Political conjuncture series #1: Uncertain Terrain

By Compass

Wednesday 14 August 2019

The long-term trend away from the two-party model has been exacerbated by Brexit. First-past-the-post voting still artificially inflates support for Labour and the Tories, but we clearly live in a multi-party system.

Our new publication, Uncertain Terrain by Ken Spours, unpicks the current...

We must build an imaginative and pragmatic alliance

By Remco van der Stoep

Monday 05 August 2019

A Remain Alliance is not the same as a Progressive Alliance. That’s what we said when we were asked for our view on the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election and it’s what’s keeping us awake at night.

Because of course, a snap general election handing extended power to a Johnson-led...

Compass was recently invited to a roundtable hosted by Compassion in Politics, a campaign group formed in 2018 by Jennifer Nadel and Matt Hawkins out of a deep concern that values such as compassion and kindness seem to have no place in political life and that, unsurprisingly, the public have...

We keep losing - because we keep reacting in the same way. No more!

After Brexit and Trump we get the third instalment in the great moving-right-show: Boris Johnson. Take five if you must to be angry, appalled and apoplectic. And then stop for much longer and ask: why did this happen? And...

In a year’s time, will the Peterborough by-election be remembered by anyone outside of the town? The by-election in which the new right-wing kids on the block failed to make their much-heralded Westminster breakthrough! It didn’t happen, and everyone must be relieved that Labour beat the...

The European election results, when they came in, were bang on what had been predicted: the Brexit ‘Party’ triumphant, Labour and the Tories humiliated, the Lib Dems and Greens both doing exceptionally well, and Change UK nowhere to be seen. Let’s just stop and think what that really...

In late April the European Movement organised a festival of democracy (Democracy Alive) on the central square of Dan Burg on the island of Texel in the Netherlands. The organisers invited a large number of organisations to participate including our friends The Democratic Society (DemSoc). The...

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