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Our politics and our parliament is in deadlock over Brexit. But if we choose to learn from other countries in how we resolve our differences, this could be a moment when Britain comes together rather than falls apart in constitutional chaos. Looking on, we cannot see how a majority can be...

A note on the Progressive Alliance

By Neal Lawson

Friday 16 November 2018

With all the talk of a possible general election it is worth reflecting on the possibilities for a Progressive Alliance. The Progressive Alliance (PA) reached maximum recognition at two points – first at the Richmond Park by-election this time two years ago – and then at the subsequent snap...

Social justice needs a strong vibrant democracy

By Henry Tam

Sunday 28 October 2018

2018 marks the centenary of the Representation of the People Act which, in 1918 conceded that men aged 21 and above should be allowed to vote and that women should be enfranchised too (provided they were 30 or over and owned property).  While it was not until 1928 that all women aged 21 and...

Part 2 showed how division is one of the major mechanisms holding exploitative forms of society in place, and how inequality and oppression function to produce division. Here, we look at a particular form of division-though-inequality: the middle agent mechanism.

The middle agent mechanism

New publication: The Causes and Cures of Brexit

By Neal Lawson

Wednesday 17 October 2018

Two and a half years ago the UK saw the biggest democratic revolution of a generation. The vote for Brexit had been a long time coming. Millions of our fellow citizens had been ignored and humiliated for decades. Whatever you think of Brexit, even if you would like to stop it altogether,...

Part 2: division and oppression

Part 1 looked at how individual mistreatment can become self-perpetuating and evolve into structural oppression, and how punishment and blame lock this in place. Part 2 looks the relationship between division and oppression.


For thousands of...

Everyday democracy and Ecotricity: energy belongs to us all

By Avery Underwood

Tuesday 02 October 2018

Ecotricity was founded in 1996 when founder Dale Vince brought renewable energy to the supply grid off his own back. Having been a self-sufficient man and what he describes as having “dropped out of society”, Dale’s house was run solely on the energy produced from his own windmill. He...

Labour conference this week is an important staging post in the new Corbyn-led, energised mass party - not just the biggest in Britain, but bigger than all the other party memberships put together. The Jeremy Corbyn-John McDonnell leadership has been three years at the helm, and are the new...

A framework for understanding exploitative societies

By Karl Lam

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Human beings are capable of high levels of cooperation, love and caring.  However, for thousands of years most of us have been living in societies that systematically suppress these human qualities.  These inhuman social systems now function to sustain themselves, the systems, not the...

Introducing the Common Platform

By Neal Lawson

Wednesday 04 July 2018

“Short term hopes are futile, long term resignation is suicidal” - Hans Magnus Enzensberger We thought that cheery quote might grab your attention. Let us explain what it means in terms of Compass and why we’re sending you an important update on our big project for the next few years:

The Progressive Alliance council – what lies ahead?

By Grace Barnett

Thursday 07 June 2018

One month on, and the dust has well and truly settled on the local elections of the 3rd May. As we take stock of the new political landscape at the council level, many will find their attention drawn once again to Richmond, where collaboration between the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party...

Everyday democracy: ‘what can I do?’ (10:10)

By Avery Underwood

Tuesday 29 May 2018

10:10 is far from your average campaign. As Leo Murray (Director of Strategy) explains, even their earliest beginnings were an “unusual way” to get started. It all began with a climate change documentary, which was released in cinemas and sparked considerable public interest and debate: The...

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