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  • New Times, a Compass publication dedicated to Stuart Hall and published to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, discusses the massive migration of agency from the vertical to the horizontal is and how it's transforming society and politics. Old, traditional hierarchies...

  • This new Compass publication, Reclaim Modernity, ignites a towering inferno of hope. It does so by calmly and clearly explaining that we are in a unique moment of history. The way the world is developing can be in tune with our values. We don’t have to fear modernity, or capitulate to it. It...

  • Riding the New Wave argues that Feminism can teach Labour valuable lessons about political participation and engagement outside the mainstream. In return, feminism stands to benefit from a healthier relationship with the party.

  • Compass Writing Style Guide

    Wednesday, 15 October 2014

    Are you writing for the Compass blog or one of our publications? We have put together a brief guide for how we'd like to our pieces to be structured. Compass is a political home for all who want to build a good society - more equal, sustainable and democratic - and who believe that how we...

  • Building Blocks: for a new political economy is the result of an ambitious project where we've attempted to join the dots of a new economy from the bottom up; from the enterprise, to the local, the national and up to the European.

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How would a Good Society look and feel? And how do we move towards it? Read our blog, comment, share and get involved in the debate

  • UKIP: Help us fight back

    Friday, 21 November 2014

    Last night British politics took another turn for the worse. Will you help us fight back?

    Can you donate £10 (or whatever you can afford) today to strengthen the progressive voice around immigration? We need to raise £5,000 to take action.

    UKIP is leading a charge to a horrible place where...

  • Keeping On

    Wednesday, 19 November 2014

    Black women can often fall between the gaps between feminist groups and the labour movement, but groups such as BARAC and Southall Black Sisters are campaigning and organising on their own terms, sharing knowledge, tools and resources to over come barriers to participation.

    Black women -...

  •  A couple of years ago, on a wet weekday night in Wigan, the local Labour MP Lisa Nandy was traipsing through the streets urging residents to sign her petition to 'save the NHS' from 'Tory privatisation'.

    "It was pouring with rain," she recalls, as we sit in her Commons office...

  • Milnesbridge Red Green Club

    Friday, 14 November 2014

    On Monday night I had the huge fortune to attend a meeting of the Red Green Club in Milnesbridge – just  up the Colne Valley in Huddersfield. The place and the people filled me with hope that we can do politics in a better way and build a better world .  Here is why.

    The Club is on the site...

  • This year, spurred on by social media and the effects of the recession, a new wave of feminism is gathering strength at an impressive pace. Over 200,000 people have signed the No More Page 3 petition nationwide, lads’ magazine Nuts finally pulled down its shutters, and groups...

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Taking action where you are to make a Good Society a reality

  • Railways for people and planet

    Saturday, 05 July 2014

    All On Board is a campaign for everyone who wants to make our railways work better

    We live in an amazing country full of wonderful people and incredible places.  It should be everyone’s right to get around it: to travel to and from our home or work, to see the people we love and all the...

  • The problem of Social and economic insecurity - what are the solutions? A discussion event for Compass members and supporters led by Michael Orton, whose report for Compass 'Something's Not Right: Insecurity and an Anxious Nation' will be published shortly. This will be an informal evemt with the emphasis on identifying progressive and positive solutions.

  • Compass Taunton Meeting

    Saturday, 15 November 2014

    Compass Taunton is an alternative or an addition to the local political parties and we can campaign on any issue that you think is relevant to building a more equal, sustainable and democratic society.

    When: Staurday 15th November

    Where: The Cosy Club, Corporation Street, Taunton TA1...

  • On Tuesday 11th November they will be joined by several prominent speakers from the progressive Left to discuss the future of collective action, horizontal and vertical forms of democracy, the problematic place of individualism in contemporary culture, and what possibilities might exist for a realistic radicalism in the twenty-first century.

  • Come along and discuss how we can build the Good Society with Compass Chair Neal Lawson. 

    When: Monday 10 November, 7:30pm

    Where: The Red and Green Club, 42 Bankwell Road, Milnsbridge HD3 4LU

    The Red & Green Club is a non-aligned centre for radical ideas, creative discussion, culture and...

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