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  • This is the fascinating story of Christian Wolmar's bid to become Labour's candidate for Mayor of London. It charts the highs and the lows, the strategic decisions and the people involved. It's a revealing piece that shines a light on what it's like to create a campaign from outside of the...

  • The new Jerusalum at our feet?

    Wednesday, 05 August 2015

    We are in the middle of a contested transition between the forces of the corporate led market and the emerging forces of organised, productive and knowledgeable citizens. This thinkpiece outlines four powerful examples of where new forms of democracy have been created experimenting with a...

  • The Conservative government is now committed to introducing some form of English votes for English laws as soon as possible. The
    Labour Party and the wider progressive community have to react strategically. This paper discusses how developing localism and devolution, establishing a constitutional...

  • This thinkpiece examines the possibility of introducing one or more social wealth funds in the UK. Such funds would aim to capture some of the financial gains from the private ownership of capital and use the proceeds for wider community benefit, such as investment in social infrastructure,...

  • 2015 was not like any other defeat. There are no safe places to go to, no easy answers and no comforting new leaders. There is only hard thinking in a process that must confront the party’s economic, political and cultural demons. Outside of Labour, progressive and radical politics is...

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How would a Good Society look and feel? And how do we move towards it? Read our blog, comment, share and get involved in the debate.

  • A party of protest or a party of government – according to Gordon Brown these are the options, the choices at stake, suggesting they are very different things, polarities even. Those who protest don’t govern and those who govern don’t protest. But is this right? Social movement...

  • We're hiring a Campaigns & Ideas Organiser

    Wednesday, 02 September 2015

    Come work with us!
    We're looking for a Campaigns and Ideas Organiser to join our small but lively and busy team in London. 

    Salary: £25 000 - £30 000, depending on experience
    Days per week: 5 (35 hours)
    Location: London
    Application deadline: Wednesday 16 September 2015
    Interview: Monday 21...

  • We're hiring an Interim Organiser

    Tuesday, 01 September 2015

    Come work with us!
    We're looking for an interim Organiser for a two-month period to work with the National Organiser and wider Compass team in our central London office

    Salary: £25 000 - £27 000 pro rata, depending on experience
    Application deadline: 8 September 2015, 6pm
    Interview: 10...

  • Clause IV’s moment?

    Monday, 24 August 2015

    Clause IV as the foundations for the Next Economy

    There’s been quite a lot of talk about Jeremy Corbyn shifting back to the much disputed ‘clause iv’ of the Labour Party’s constitution. But its important to recall that the clause’s wording which the neoliberals under Blair and Brown...

  • The need for heroes, to admire them, to be inspired by them, runs deep in our cultural and social make-up.

    And with good reason – such figures epitomise the nobler sentiments of the human condition. Not only that, in times of existential angst or threat, they provide beacons of hope for...

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Taking action where you are to make a Good Society a reality

  • Railways for people and planet

    Thursday, 23 April 2015

    All On Board is a campaign for everyone who wants to make our railways work better

    We live in an amazing country full of wonderful people and incredible places.  It should be everyone’s right to get around it: to travel to and from our home or work, to see the people we love and all the...

  • Brighton & Hove get together

    Wednesday, 26 August 2015

    Come and join the local group of Compass for a relaxed evening of political discourse. We welcome members and non members alike to share ideas about the Good Society. 

    We are pleased to welcome our guest Greg Hadfield, Consulting Editor at the Brighton and Hove Independent who will speak about...

  • London - Utopia at the Roundhouse

    Wednesday, 19 August 2015

    Join us at the Roundhouse in Camden on Wednesday 19 August for an evening of utopian propositions, ideas and performances programmed by Compass in partnership with Penny Woolcock and the Roundhouse, featuring a provocative line-up of artists and speakers.

    Tickets and more about the...

  • Rail fares are rising again, yet the cost of living isn’t get any cheaper. In January 2016 passengers will be asked to pay out even more for their rail fares. Passengers and taxpayers are paying a high price for the failures of rail privatisation.

    On Tuesday 18 August Action For Rail is...

  • Join  Caroline Lucas MP, Brighton Pavilion, Neal Lawson, Chair of Compass, Nancy Platts, Chair Brighton & Hove Labour and Luke Martell, Prof of Political Sociology for a panel discussion followed by group discussions. 

    Nick McMaster a Local Compass Organiser says: “The outcome of general...

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