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  • In Place of Anxiety

    Friday, 21 March 2014

    This publication offers a model of social security for Scotland based on humanity and collective security. It argues that a piecemeal tinkering of existing structures of social security is not enough. Stopping a creaking system from falling over, means ongoing social and economic costs for that...

  • Europe can be different (draft)

    Tuesday, 18 March 2014

    With elections to the European Parliament in May this is a vital time for the future of the European Union and the U.K.’s relationship with it. A different Europe is vital to building a Good Society as many of today’s most important issues such as rising inequality and environmental...

  • The Bridge

    Tuesday, 04 March 2014

    We are on the cusp of a big shift - one where flat organising is trumping traditional hierarchies. Where technology, creativity and passion is making a space where we can share, collaborate and practise a different kind of politics. In 'The Bridge: how the politics of the future will link the...

  • In our latest thinkpiece Joe Guinan and Thomas M. Hanna outline a proposal that could bring Royal Mail under the control of postal workers. Through the creation of a trust the CWU could begin to collectively and gradually own a larger and larger share of Royal Mail. The trust could be a...

  • Beyond Neoliberalism

    Tuesday, 08 October 2013

    Our latest thinkpiece looks at how to form a coherent alternative to neoliberalism that has dominated politics since the 1980's. Despite its clear failures in light of the financial crisis, no one has yet put forward a decent  alternative, and in this piece Colin Crouch shows how to change this.

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  • Something big is happening. We have moved from a mechanical world based on manufacturing usually within national boundaries to a global economy based on the creation and distribution of knowledge.

    This change has been accompanied by an extraordinary technological revolution.

    The computer, the...

  • Jeremy Gilbert introduces his new book Common Ground: Democracy and Collectivity in an Age of Individualism

    My book Common Ground tries to do a number of things at the same time. On the one hand, it looks at the reasons why existing forms of representative democracy are unlikely to be able to...

  • We need to talk about solidarity

    Tuesday, 01 April 2014

    ‘We all belong to the same society, and we all have a stake in making it better. There is no “them” and “us”' - there is us. We are all in this together.’ So said David Cameron, famously, in the wake of the summer riots of 2011.

    Three years later, there’s a stronger case than ever...

  • Thousands lined the streets to pay tribute to the late, great Bob Crow on Monday. With even his opponents gushing praise for a trade union leader who fought hard for his members, was resolute in his principles and above all brilliant at his job, it’s hard to imagine that scarcely more than a...

  • Thank you to all of you who helped us get on the Guardian's front page!

    Today 19 leading figures from groups including the Fabian Society, Compass, Policy Network and Progress told Miliband the policy review must be based on the values and principles that are transformative, not safe and...

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Taking action where you are to make a Good Society a reality

  • New Education Campaign

    Thursday, 18 July 2013

    We have recently launched our education inquiry, in which we want to explore the importance of education both in the past, present and how it is building and developing for the future. As education is the most important thing a society can provide, we want to view a new model of education,...

  • Compass West London Group

    Tuesday, 01 April 2014

    Compass is looking to set up a new local group in West London which will be holding its first meeting soon, and we would love for you to get involved. Neal Lawson will be in attendance and we will discuss how we could use the group to build alliances in West London for radical change. Hopefully...

  • The Compass education inquiry continues, this time in Newham, with an event looking what what a progressive Government, likely to be a Labour led administration, should do about education post 2015.  We hope you can come and have a chat about this subject, and continue the progressive work...

  • The joint Compass and NUT Education Inquiry continues, this time with a meeting in Birmingham.  The inquiry is all about building a new model of Education based upon the values of democracy and equality, and we will only do this if we get a diverse range of people making contributions, not just...

  • Compass in Taunton First Meeting

    Saturday, 22 March 2014

    Exciting news! Compass is hoping to start a new local group in Taunton and is holding a meeting soon to discuss this, and it would be great if you could come along.

    Compass Taunton First Meeting

    When:  Saturday, March 22nd

    Where: The Cosy Club, Corporation Street, Taunton TA1 4AJ (

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