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  • 45˚ Change shows the way

    Thursday, 26 September 2019

    In response to Neal Lawson’s recent 45˚ Change: Transforming Society from Below and Above, Jon Edwards, in Rethinking Poverty, argues that 45˚ change methodology offers a “timely contribution to discussions and debates on which we can all build”.

    As Edwards puts it “wherever you...

  • Below is Caroline Lucas’ opening remarks at the Compass fringe event – ‘What if Labour can’t win alone?’ - at the 2019 UK Labour Conference in Brighton. 

    Thank you – always a pleasure to be part of a Compass panel and the reliably constructive debate that follows. 

    I want...

  • Mark Perryman (editor of Corbynism From Below) argues that it’s a bottom up campaign that the opposition need to win.

    We can argue the case for and against tactical voting 'til the cows come home and vote. It happens, mainly of its own will, but as the central objective of oppositional...

  • We have woken up to the UK’s biggest democratic and political crisis of modern times. Our Government is not serving our Parliament. Our democracy is not serving us, the people.

    Yes, of course this has something to do with Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings, but they are distractions...

  • Compass' assumptions: discussion

    Tuesday, 20 August 2019

    As progressives, our mission is to create a path out of our deep political and democratic crisis, built with meaningful hope.

    However, our progressive movement keeps failing to build from firm enough foundations, opting instead for shortcuts, so we end up addressing the symptoms and not the...

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