Towards a One Nation Housing Policy

Our new ‘thinkpiece’ is based upon research by the Matrix Housing Partnership and the Human City Institute. It proposes ways in which Labour’s ‘One Nation’ emblem can encompass social housing. It puts forward interrelated policies that will promote a social housing sector that is ‘flourishing, affordable and fair’ in contrast to the residualised sector created by housing policies since 1979.

It recommends measures that can help the UK to return to a more economically rational approach to housing: One that supports productive house building, reduces the amount of housing benefit going into the pockets of private landlords and financial institutions, and delivers more affordable homes for a growing population.

3 thoughts on “Towards a One Nation Housing Policy

  1. I think that we need to recognise that housing is a strategic national asset, like health, education and transport, and get the Government to intervene directly and decisively when the market fails to deliver the housing that we need. That means building many more houses, bringing empty properties back into use (compulsory purchase at below market price) and controlling the rented sector (fees, rents and redress). This will hurt the few the are speculating and profiting on houses to rent but we need to do it to fix the problem. Half-hearted measures will not work.

  2. I know without looking that there will be no mention of the need to redistribute the receipt of capital gifts and inherited wealth. Too many houses are owned by those who do not live in them. Too many houses are lived in by those who do not own them. The only time at which it is practical to redistribute the spread of ownership is at the point of transfer from each generation to the next. It is high time other political parties followed the Liberal Party and adopt UK Universal Inheritance as party policy. Or at least discuss it.

  3. ROTHER MODIFICATIONS exanple to all.
    This deprivation of Hastings and Bexhill is caused by the marketing of everything; we have the wrong idea about growth? Building houses seems to be what everybody believes will sort the economy out, may I put it to you it just delays the crash, the higher thing go the further they will fall, so stop the problem before it starts.
    We have young and older people suffering from mental depression, People can’t save for their pensions, what does these modifications do for them?
    The plan Rother are trying to put out can only make things worse.
    These large proposed development areas such as north Bexhill off the link road needs to be offered as a site where people can grow play and live in an oasis of peace.
    Work units can only cost a few thousand pounds, yet we have sea space inviting big businesses to invest in the area at rents one can rarely afford, having paid a development value for the land, let’s put out a new plan. Consider the document, protect our open spaces, have a referendum on this document. As at the Link Road enquiry I asked what the County Council were paying for the land they were compulsory purchasing, agricultural value was the reply.
    With 10,000 unemployed and 4,000 on the housing waiting list, we should do the same for the sake of Rother and Hastings; we should look at land reform on a national scale, start here?
    Stack the houses, create a community farm, have an older peoples village!
    The strategy as it stands will create debt and despair. It is unsound, Hastings is the same, you are all in it together, or it would appear a few are not, that’s the ones who are making the decisions?
    go to

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