Leading figures from the left and centre left gather for progressive alliance discussion

Tuesday, 05 July 2016

Leading figures from the left and centre left gather for progressive alliance discussion

Cable, Lewis and Lucas to speak at public meeting about ‘alliance-building’ on the left

Leading figures on the centre left and left of British Politics will hold a public meeting today (Tuesday 5th July) to discuss ‘progressive alliances’ in the wake of Brexit.

Former Lib Dem Minister Vince Cable will join Shadow Defence Secretary Clive Lewis MP, Green MP Caroline Lucas, Tommy Sheppard MP of the SNP, and others at a sold out event of 1000 activists from all the progressive parties in central London. The three are committed to opening open up a dialogue within and between their parties over alliance-building ahead of the next election.

The meeting follows an open letter from the Green Party calling on Tim Farron, Jeremy Corbyn and Leanne Wood to begin talks about working together to beat the Tories in England and Wales.

Caroline Lucas, who is running to be co-leader of the Green Party on a ‘progressive alliance’ ticket, has said that any such pact must be ‘locally-driven’ and ‘contingent on a commitment to fair elections’. She said:

“The overwhelming priority for progressives must be replacing the Tories with a government committed to social justice and environmental protection. To do that we need to think carefully about locally-driven electoral alliances to beat Conservative candidates. Any such strategy must have at its core a commitment to a proportional voting system too – to help end the deep alienation and disconnection many people feel about politics.

“Many details are still to be discussed but the fact that this meeting is happening – and has sold out almost immediately – show the enormous desire for progressives to work together in the post-referendum period.”

Neal Lawson, Chair of Compass, said:

“With the Right in the ascendancy, a popular front of ideas and organisation is the only way to defend and promote our vision of a good society.”

Event details 


Caroline Lucas MP, Green Party
Clive Lewis MP, Labour Party, Shadow Defence Secretary
Amina Gichinga, Take Back the City
John Harris, Journalist
Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat Party
Tommy Sheppard MP, SNP

Chair – Jacqui Howard, Compass

Venue: Emmanuel Centre, 9-23 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 3DW

Times: 6.30pm – 8.30pm Tuesday July 5, 2016

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